Group Together

Have you ever played the game, “One of these doesn’t belong?”

We’re not going to play that game though. Instead, I’m going to show how throughout history, and not just this country but even in the Bible; we have a tendency of grouping people together just by association within groups. I won’t need to go that far for you to get the point though.

Let us go back to World War 2, after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Shortly after and as the United States were brought into the war, within this country, especially in California; there was concentration camp where the Japanese Americans were being held out of fear that they were link to their fellow country folks from Japan.

Even back then, we had this fear and mistrust of certain groups just by association. They may have been totally innocent but to our human minds, they were just as guilty; even though they didn’t do the actual bombing. It’s a crying shame too; but that’s human nature. We don’t mean to be racist. It’s just in our human nature to judge or misjudge people just because of association with a certain group of people. This was in our history book and we cannot deny it. Instead, we must learn from it; so that we can learn what makes us tick as human beings.

Moving forward, after 9/11, twenty years, a similar incident happened. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of 9/11, when terrorist attack, the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I don’t know where you were when it happened; but I was getting ready for work at Concordia College, when I saw it on the morning news show.

I do want to say, on that day at work, you could cut the tension with a knife; that’s how bad it was.

You see, there were foreign students going to college there, even from the Middle East area. They had nothing to do with the terrorist attack; but because of the color of their skin, nationality, or Muslim religions, people linked them together.

Not all Muslims are terrorists. As a rule Muslims are peace-loving. There are just these Radical Muslims who are considered terrorist. They are called, Islamic extremism.

I mean there are radical Christians as well; who takes things to the extremes. Does that makes all Christians bad?

No, it doesn’t; like it doesn’t make all Muslims bad. Or even all Japanese bad like during WW2. Generally, people are good. There just happened to be some bad people in a certain group. We just have this tendency of judging people by association; instead of giving them the benefit of the doubt for being their own individual.

Just like when Trump was elected President in 2016, anyone who voted or supported Trump were considered to be White Supremacy and a racist because they saw him as one. We all know that’s not true; but because we voted for and supported Trump, we must be like him.

The origin of the Coronavirus came from Wuhan, China; in the lab. Yet, people associate the Chinese people to this whole things and blames the people for the virus. Not all the people are to blame just because of the Chinese Government. Once again, it’s our human nature to group them together, just because of who they are.

As I said in a blog last year, one bad apple doesn’t spoiled the whole bunch. I was talking about how those on the Left wanted to defund the police all because of one bad cop. There are good cops and bad cops. They don’t need to be defunded because of the bad cops.

I’m not here to defend Chris Cuomo. He’s still a Leftist journalist for CNN. He’s just not responsible for his brother former Governor Andrew Cuomo from New York. As a reporter, it’s hard to be bias when it comes to your family members.

We are not our brother’s keepers.

Much like, a doctor or a lawyer aren’t suppose to have a family member or loved ones to be their patients or clients. They have to remain neutral. Sometimes, lawyers are character witness to a family member.

Chris Cuomo should be judge by his bad merit, not his brother’s bad merit.

I mean, if you have a bad seed in your family, it doesn’t make your whole family bad? Yet, we judge the family by that 1 bad seed.

I’ve heard that all those who refused the vaccines are Trump’s supporters. Now, that’s not true either. People choose what they want and rightly should. Some are not Trump’s supporters.

Those in the fake news media and those on the Left also called, the unvaccinated, terrorist because we are defending our freedom of choice not to get the vaccines. We are not terrorists, we just know our bodies better than the government and doctors.

So before you judge someone because of who they associate with, walk a mile in their shoes. Get to know that person before you actually judge them unfairly.

Some of us are not really racist; it’s just our human nature to lump people together . We need to calm down. We need to learn to just get along with each others.

We’re all God’s children. We’re all Americans. We need to stand united as Americans.

Biden talked about unity; but the unity he wants is the kind that we all agree with him. That’s not unity, that’s conformity.

One thing about being an American is we all have the freedom to express ourselves. We need to accept each other as individual. It shouldn’t matter our religion, color of our skins, or our political views. Let us just learn to get along with each other. We don’t have to agree with everything. We just need to learn to agree to disagree.

Believe me, that’s easier said than done; because of our human nature to prejudging others.