Downside of being Lockdown

There is a lot of downside of being lockdown besides being bad for the economy. Not only does the lockdown hurt businesses and bring about high unemployment. This blog will talk about other downsides of being lockdown. Reasons that those on the Left and the mainstream news media won’t talk about for some reason.

Even those the bars were closed and/or closed earlier, around 10pm; the liquor stores were still making a profit during the pandemic. If the people couldn’t go to the bars and drink, they would go to the liquor stores to buy their alcohol and take it home with them to drink.

You could say, because of the pandemic, drunk driving was down; but not the sales of alcohol or any other reasons connected with alcohol.

Liquor stores were still making a profit. According to the economist, liquor store sales were up 28% during pandemic; bars down 33%.

During this stressful time, people wanted their alcohol. They felt they needed it more than anything else. If they have to be out of a job or work from home to deal with their family, they felt they need a little liquid encouragement to get through the day, day in and day out.

Not only was sales of alcohol from the liquor stores up; so was domestic violence as well.

Here is the stats of domestic violence: around 50% and higher. Domestic violence increased in the US by 8.1% during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reason of this economic issues was because of unemployment, financial insecurity and stress from child care and homeschooling have exacerbated domestic violence risk factors.

Sometimes, a person needs a little break from their family; otherwise, they may crack and either abuse their spouse or children. When you add alcohol into the mix; it’s only make it much worst. Wives can abuse husbands as much as husbands abuse wives. And of course, children are even more of an abused victims. Alcohol and stress are 2 deadly combination.

That is one reason, men needs their man cave or their garage; just to get away from the wife and kids to be alone.

I’m glad that my folks weren’t around during this pandemic. My mother told me before she died, one of the reason, she kept on working past retirement was because she was afraid that dad would drive her nuts with his control issues.

Also during the pandemic, people had gained weight and lots of it. They were eating unhealthy junk food and not able to work out. They wasn’t able to go to the gym to work out. When a person is stress to the limit, not only do they drink and abuse family members. They have a tendency to eat junk food to satisfy their cravings to help deal with the stress they are facing.

For some reason though, I was somewhat lucky to have lost a lot of weight. Sure, I was stress out to and overwork as well.

Another downside of being lockdown is mental illness in children. When you stare at a computer all day, it’s going to affect you more than you think. Children needs the companion of other children; as much as anyone else . We are not made to be alone. Even though, the alone quiet time is nice as a person gets older.

Children needs the chance to be a child and play with other kids. If they are sitting in front of the computer doing school works, it will fry their brains. All work and no play is unhealthy! That’s why children needs gym classes as well. Otherwise, they too can become obese.

Now, that is extremely bad for a child to become obese, because it’s become much harder to lose the weight.

Now the mainstreams news media and the Democrats used the excuse, “We’re protecting our children from the virus!”

You are still hurting them though. You’re causing mental illness for them. They are being abused, physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and verbally.

So what’s worse?

They will never admit the damage being done during the pandemic. They just think that they are saving lives.

In reality, they just want to be able to control us and the pandemic was their way of doing it.

Believe me if Anthony (Nazi) Fauci and Joe (dementia dog) Biden have their way once again, they will lock everything down again. They wouldn’t care about all the damages they are causing ; and not just the economy but these other downsides as well.

So you see being lockdown had done more harm than good. They think they were saving lives; but they were making things worst, more ways than 1.