Fossil Fuels

I’m for saving the environment like the next man. I even had my doubt about the Keystone Pipeline being safe for the environment. When I look at the facts; which I will be sharing in this blog, I sees how Joe Biden had made a blunder of a mistake when he stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

First of all, you don’t stop the work in progress without a backup plan. It’s like, you don’t quit a job before having another job to replace it. That’s common sense!

When Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline and the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, He created high unemployment; which became high because of the pandemic.

I won’t talk about the crises at the Border in tis blog. Instead, I will talked about the Keystone Pipeline.

Not only did lots of people lost their jobs because Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, he did other damages as well to the United States.

With the Keystone Pipeline, it helped the United States to be independent from foreign oils. It keeps us from dealing with terrorist and being at their rim for our gas and oil. It gives us the edge over the Middle East. It showed them that we do not have to depend on them for oil. I don’t know about you, but I would rather not be dependent on other countries and have to deal with terrorist for oil. It’s our bargaining chip!

If Biden thinks it’s safer than the Keystone Pipeline, he is sorely mistaken.

When 172 million gallons of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, one environmental expert said, “Dilution is the solution to pollution.”

When that oil was shipped over to the United States into the Gulf of Mexico; it was a huge oil spill disaster for the United States and especially the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of water life was destroyed by the poison in the water. It not only affected the fishes; it also affected the birds and animals as well. The cleanup was very costly for America as well.

It goes to show that shipping foreign oil over to the United States can do more damage to the environment if there’s ever an oil spill than the Keystone Pipeline will ever do.

By purchasing foreign oil, there is also a high risk of dealing with terrorist as well. If the United States is at their beck and call; they can control us through blackmail. Some of those countries are enemies with Israel. Anyone who is enemy with Israel, God’s chosen people, God will destroy. If anyone stand by Israel, God will protect and bless them. It’s the United States mission to protect Israel at all cost. We can’t do that if we being blackmailed by terrorist.

Since there is oil in this country, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it.

Also, the Keystone Pipeline would link up with the Alaska pipeline to transport oil throughout our country to distribute it safely. It will even transport oil in North Dakota and Texas.

When Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline, it hurt our relationship with our neighbor of the North(Canada). It made Global Climate and Health Alliance very happy though. Because when Trump was president, he broke off from them because he didn’t trust them.

Transporting oil through the pipeline is way safer than any other ways, even by train. Few years ago, there was a huge train accident near Casselton, North Dakota. That train was hauling oil across the country to be refined and distributed. There was a huge fire that destroyed nature around that area.

When birds get oil spilled on their wings, it affects them from flying. It does them a lot of harm. You hear in advertisement for Dawn dish soap, that the environmentalist would used Dawn dish soap to fight to clean the birds up from the oil that was spilled; to fight to save their lives.

Since the pipeline is underground, it is less likely to hurt the environment than not having it at all. Actually, the pipeline is much safer than windmill; but that’s whole different blog.

The states that were affected by Biden shutting down construction of the Keystone Pipeline, should sue the Biden’s administration for costing them incomes. They should go ahead and continue building the Keystone Pipeline despite of Biden. States like North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, etc. should go after Biden’s administration; because he cost them lots of money. They should override his decision and continue with the construction of the Keystone Pipeline.

That also goes double with states that was affected with the shutdown of building of the wall on the Southern Border as well.

Biden is hurting America with this go-green policy.