It’s Who You Know!

When it comes in getting hired for the right job; everybody knows that it’s sometimes who you knows that get you the job. Much to the same way with about anything. It’s who you knows will help you in a legal case or may even keeps you out of prison. Sometimes, knowing the right people is the best help for anyone.

When the Democrats talked about racial discrimination, they are almost right. There is discrimination; but it’s more than racial profiling. The discrimination I’m talking about here has to do with if you are rich or poor.

If you are rich, you can afford the best attorney to get you off; but if you’re poor, you only get a court-appointed attorney. They won’t put in the effort, time and money to properly defend you.

Now this isn’t really about the court-appointed attorney not properly defending you. This is more about how Hunter Biden will get away with his crimes against the United States involving the Ukraine and China. Not just Hunter, but also Joe Biden as well.

We all know why Hunter will get off, because of who his father is. Now that Joe Biden somehow became president with the help of Big Tech and the Corporate Media Mafia through voters fraud.

Throughout the election last year, the Corporate Media Mafia and Big Tech covered up the crimes that both Hunter and Joe Biden committed by not doing their job and covering the newsworthy story. If they would had done their job properly, the American people could had done the right thing, and Trump could had been reelected.

When Joe Biden was asked about his son, Hunter, he scolded the media and declared, “My boy, Hunter, is a good man.” Joe Biden even challenged one reporter by saying, “I will take you out back!”

Now Hunter Biden has a drug problem. The kind that a person has to be wealthy to afford. I’m not talking about these cheap narcotics that the average joe; but rather hard core drugs, like cocaine and heroin.

When Hunter was asked about his missing laptop, he just declared that it was stolen.

The investigation involving Hunter’s involvement with Ukraine, went down when Joe Biden was Vice President under Obama. So with the help of Obama, Joe Biden was able to cover-up his son’s crime in Ukraine.

When President Trump discovered it, the Democrats didn’t much care for it and tried to get Trump impeach, but failed.

Now, if it was any of Trump’s children who did what Hunter did, the Corporate Media Mafia, Big Tech, and the Democrats would had a field day with it. Since it was Hunter, they decided to cover it up just to get Joe Biden elected President.

If us common ordinary folks committed the crimes that Hunter did, we would be in the Federal prison for a long time.

Is that justice? Hell, no, it’s not!

Remember when Trump was being accused of inciting a riot at the Capital in January, and the Democrats went to try to impeach him a second time without fail?

Well just before the verdict came in over the death of George Floyd, Maxine Water, herself incited a riot if the verdict would had came back as not guilty. Why wasn’t she charge with inciting a riot?

Even the judge in that case stated that he was considering throwing out the verdict through the appeals. He felt it wasn’t a fair trial. He felt that the Democrats should had kept politics out of it.

Once again, it goes to show it’s who you knows in what results you may or may not get.

In the words of Joe Biden, “No one is above the law!”

Well Mr. Joe Biden, remember that! No one is above the law, not even your son, Hunter or even you. Hunter is not a good man and you’re not either. You may be able to cover up his and yours crimes; but truth will come out in the end. Hunter may not serve time in prison for his crimes because of who Joe Biden is; but if it was anyone else who doesn’t have the influence, they would be in prison.

It goes to show that money and power goes hand-in hand when it comes to getting away with a crime.

Even Hillary Clinton had gotten away with her crimes, that ordinary folks wouldn’t been able to.

So you see, if you have money and power you can get away with the crime; because they think they are above the law. They think that since they make the laws, they can break them also.

There’s much more to talk about but I will talked about that another time and another blog.