The Bias of the News Media

When you watch the news, have you noticed how bias they are. They seems to favor the Democrats over the Republicans. They seems to be harder on a Republican President than a Democrat President. The same goes with anyone who is running for President. They seems to be harder on the Conservatives as well.

I have studied Journalism back in college at NDSU; and they are not to be bias. They are suppose to keep their opinion to themselves as they report the news. The are to give full fairness to both sides of the political tracks. Yet, they don’t do that!

Let’s start with the Watergate Scandal under President Nixon. I was just a kid during that time. I’m not saying Nixon was innocent or guilty.

Under Watergate, Nixon and certain others were accused of breaking into the Democrats headquarters. Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached. Not only did it hurt him, it also hurt Pres. Ford, who finished off his last 2 years. It also hurt the Republican party until 1980 when Ronald Reagan ran for President.

Reagan was very popular and the media and the Democrats tried to cut him down with the Iran-Contra Scandal. Thank God they couldn’t do it and he went down in history as one of the best President. since John F. Kennedy.

When Bill Clinton was President, the scandal that almost toppled him was Whitewater. The news media mentioned that the lawyer involved in that scandal had committed suicide. You can’t tell me that he committed suicide. It doesn’t add up. He was murdered and the Clintons, Bill and Hillary both got away with murder.

When it came to impeaching Clinton, they couldn’t get him for that crime. They only got him for perjury involving having oral sex in the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky. That ended up turning into a big joke that left the Republicans with eggs all over their face.

You see, the Clintons and the mainstream news media covered their tracks very well.

Pres. Nixon didn’t have the news media on his side like the Clintons did.

In 2016 and a little before when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State under Obama, she was accused in the Benghazi scandal of many lives being lost under Hillary Clinton’s watch. She even had problems with her emails that she had deleted important emails. When questioned, she responded, “What difference does it makes?”

When James Comey was the director of the FBI, he covered for Hilary Clinton instead of going after her. He chose to go after Pres. Trump instead.

He was behind the Russian collusion investigation. Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media all cried foul and concluded that the Russians were behind Trump winning that election. They made it their life’s dream to take down Trump anyway possible.

They even look into the Ukraine’s investigation; which turned out that it was more against Joe and Hunter Biden, and their crooked business dealings under the Obama’s Presidency. It turned out also that Pres. Obama had his people spied on Trump’s campaign.

Pres. Obama and the Democrats denied it. The mainstream news media refused to cover it as well.

Joe Biden was Vice-President under Obama; so he was just as dirty. The news media and Big Tech didn’t want the American people to know it.

All through the 2020 election, the mainstream news media refused to do their jobs and cover any stories involving Joe and his son, Hunter Biden. Even Big Tech got involved. If anyone posted anything about Joe or Hunter Biden on Facebook or Twitter, they put a stop to it under the guise of “fact check.”

If they were actually fact checking, they would had done their job by truly investigating into both Joe and Hunter Biden.

It was also a proven fact, that Hunter claimed that his laptop was stolen. There’s also proofs of their involvement with China illegal business dealings. But the Big Tech and Corporate News Media didn’t want the American people to know the truth. Because they knew if the truth came out, Trump would had won his reelection easily.

So you tell me, is the mainstream news media bias? Do they favor the Democrats and Liberals over the Republicans and Conservatives? Did they cover up for Biden; much the same way as they covered up for both Bill and Hillary Clinton? Did they also covered up for Obama as well?

When Trump and some of the Republicans claimed voters fraud, the Democrats, Big Tech, and Corporate Media Mafia denied the whole thing to make Trump look like a sore loser.

Now you tell me, if Biden would had lost, would they all be screaming that Trump cheated the election? You bet they would.

Now Biden, the Democrats, mainstream news media and Big Tech will probably be upset for this blog coming out. They would probably try to stop this blog from getting out to the American people. They wouldn’t want the truth out.

But this is America and under the Constitution we have the Freedom of Speech. The American people has the rights to know the truth; even if they try to stop it.

You may be surprised even with all this Trump will still go down in history as a popular President tried to drain the swamp in Washington. The mainstream news media, the Democrats, the Rhino Republicans and Big Tech would tried to keep that from happening though.