M. V. Q.

Who would you say is the most valuable quarterback?

Today is Super Bowl Sunday. A day set up for America’s biggest pastime and also having the most viewers on Television. This is year it’s the Buccaneers vs. the Chiefs. The Buccaneers may be leading but I hope that the Chiefs win. I know that they won last year. I also know that the Buccaneers made history by having home field advantage during the Super Bowl.

The reason I’m not rooting for the Buccaneers is because I’m not a fan of Tom Brady. Some may say that he’s one of the most valuable quarterback. I have to disagree. It has nothing to do with who he supported or even was friends with.

This past week, Tom Brady was under fire by the Leftist media and Trump’s hater because he was friends and supported Trump. That’s no reason to despise Brady!

The reason I don’t believe Brady is the Most Valuable Quarterback is that he got this smugness about him. The year that him and the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl because of the deflate football scandal are the reasons I’m not a Brady’s fan. I believe they cheated. Tom Brady just got a slap on the wrist because of it. The Patriots and Tom Brady should had the Super Bowl win taken away from them.

Whenever any other football team can wipe the smug off Tom Brady’s face, I’m a happy man.

Now Patrick Mahones, and the coach for the Kansas City Chiefs are a Christian. Plus, I have been to the Chief’s stadium in Kansas City. Is he the most valuable quarterback? He’s young yet and so it’s still early to tell.

Some may be upset with me to what I said about Tom Brady. Some also may be upset with what I will say about Carson Wentz. Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy to see North Dakota’s own boy and NDSU star quarterback to go pro and be drafted by the Eagles. That’s always great to see. I was glad to see the Eagles under Wentz beat the Patriots during their Super Bowl.

Now Wentz isn’t the greatest quarterback as people may think he is. I think his ego, much like Brady’s ego had gotten too big. He became too big for his britches. He let fame go to his head and because of it, he lost focus to the game of football. He needs to grow up a little.

Carson Wentz is young like Patrick Mahones is; so who knows what could happen as Wentz get older. I would probably pick Mahones over Wentz as a better quarterback maybe because of his Christian faith that may be helping to stay grounded.

Let’s take a look at the Manning’s brothers, Eli and Peyton Manning. Don’t get me wrong, they both are good quarterbacks. Plus, they have followed in their father’s footsteps. I would even pick them over Tom Brady.

Another valuable quarterback is Brett Favre; and not because he played for one of the best NFL team, Green Bay Packers either. He was so good, even the Minnesota Vikings wanted him before he finally retired. Yet, he couldn’t help the Vikings get to the Super Bowl. It goes to show that there was no hope for the Vikings, when they just keep choking in the playoffs. In other words, it wasn’t Brett Favre fault.

John Elway was a very valuable quarterback, and he played for the Denver Broncos. He took the Broncos to the Super Bowl 5 times before winning one on the 5th try. He wasn’t about to give up until him and the Broncos can finally win a Super Bowl.

There had been at least 3 NFL team who been to the Super Bowl 4 times and not win. The Broncos, the Vikings, and the Buffalo Bills. Finally, on the 5th try the Broncos was able to win a Super Bowl for John Elway. He was then able to retire once he accomplished that feat.

Right there, that put Elway toward the top of the heap for the most valuable quarterback. There’s still one more quarterback better. The one who gets my vote as the most valuable quarterback. And that one is Joe Montana. Now Joe Montana played for the San Francisco 49’rs before going over to the Kansas City Chiefs and finally retiring. I don’t know if there’s any who can match or beat Montana’s record.

These are only a few quarterbacks that I pick. Some are most valuables and some are not. You may either agree or disagree, that’s your choice. If there’s quarterback that I didn’t mention that you may felt are most valuable, go ahead and comment. I can’t name all the quarterbacks. This blog could get long and boring. Plus, there are too many to name. So I only pick a few, and gave them