Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? What would you like to do before you die?

My step-dad was never able to do what was on his bucket list. He wanted to do those things with my mother; since they were married for 40 years. He wanted to take a fishing trip up to Alaska. He even wanted to move to Alaska to help build the Alaska’s pipeline. He also wanted to take a trip to the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. That was his ancestor’s home country.

What’s on my bucket list? I would love to take the famous train ride between Seattle, Washington to Los Angeles. You all heard stories how beautiful it is.

Another trip on my bucket list is a trip to Germany. This is where my ancestors are from both sides of my families, my mother’s and real father’s. Even though they were from the high Germany area; I would love to see the whole country of Germany. I had studied Germans in college to learn how to speak German. (Guten Tag!) These are just 2 of the words I learned.

From what I studied in the German’s course, Germany is a very beautiful country to see. The language and culture differ throughout the country. There is high German and low German. High German is light complexion and low German is dark complexion. My family ancestry is from high German. The Black Forest Mountain is part of the low German. They are suppose to be very beautiful. High German is very similar to the Scandinavian countries when it comes culture and food. Over in Germany, when you order beer, it is much stronger than American beers. It’s also served warm. Plus have a chance to eat authentic German food. The closest I get to that now is going to Wurst Bier Hall downtown Fargo, or Kroll’s Diner.

I have to admired former President George Bush SR., when he turned 80 years old he jumped out of an airplane in a parachute. That was even on my bucket list! I ended up taking it off because I came to realize the way my knees are, it wouldn’t be very smart thing to do.

Since I have a pastor of the church I go to that is from Haiti, I would love to go on another missionary trip and this time to Haiti. All because I heard wonderful stories about Haiti from my pastor. I would also love to do another work & witness; because the last one I was on was life changing. I will talk about that in another blog.

During the holidays, people loves to get together with their family; but because of the Coronavirus, it’s advise not to for health reasons. You don’t want to bring the virus to your elderly parents! Yet, a dying parent wants to spend their last remaining days with their families and loves ones, and they just don’t care.

After my mother had her stroke, she wanted to go back home on the farm to be with her husband. She didn’t want to be in a nursing home. She was more concerned about her husband than her own health.

Just like, before my step-dad passed away, he wanted to returned to the farm to spend his last days.

I guess what I’m getting at, if they were alive during this pandemic, they would want all of us remaining kids together for Christmas. Especially, if they were dying and only had a short time to live. They wouldn’t care about the virus.

What would be your dying wish? Wouldn’t you want to spend your last remaining days with your family, kids and grandkids; despite of the virus?

I don’t know if I would be able to achieve what’s on my bucket list; but it’s always good to wish and hope. It’s good to make the list and if all possible, you may or may not achieve what’s on your bucket list.

There was a movie called Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It was a very good movie. I recommend you to see it. They played best friends who was dying decided to do some of the stuff on their bucket list before they died.

So go ahead, make your bucket list! It’s just a wish list. There’s nothing wrong with wishing and hoping. Who knows, you might achieve what’s on your bucket list. Don’t let death keeps you from achieving what you want to do before you die. Don’t let death keeps you away from your family, even during the holidays and this pandemic.