Be Thankful!!

This has been one of the worse year. This has been a year that many would love to either forget or erase from our memory and history. But we cannot do that, I’m afraid to say.

So this Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for what we do have. Let us not dwell on the negative. We cannot change the past or even this year; as bad as it was.

Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself because of all that went down this year; count your blessing. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or internet get up and either get outside to get some sun or get your Bible and start reading it from Genesis to Revelation.

The mainstream news media and the Democrats would want you to believe them in what they say; that way they can control you in every way.

It is a proven fact that sunlight is the natural Vitamin D we all need to stay healthy. If you can get out walking to get some sun, it would be more healthier than sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself. More people get sick by sitting home than those who are out getting exercise and some sun. Even the doctors would agree!

If you somehow cannot get outside in the sun for some reasons; then find yourself a Bible to read. Get in touch with God! He’s the great physician!

Turn off the news and Facebook and pick up to read your Bible instead! They will only depress and control you.

Many had died of depression because they chose to feel sorry for themselves.

My folks been married 40 years and when my mother passed away, my step-dad became depressed. He gave up on life. He depended on my mother to take care of him. I’m not saying he wasn’t healthy.

Some who are depress would overeat and get no exercise. They are just too busy feeling sorry for themselves.

A former pastor I had would preached, “Get self off the throne!”

Back in the 90’s, I was feeling sorry for myself. I was full of self-pity. You may be surprised to know that the Lord used the Mormons to knocked on my door. After they came, that night, the Lord woke me up telling me, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up to pray for your pastor!” I pleaded to get up later; but the Lord would not let me sleep until I got up. It goes to show that the Lord won’t give up until we do what He wants us to do.

A former pastor I had most recently had us remembered 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. You can look this up on your own when you are feeling depress, when you are looking for ways to be thankful this holiday season.

I will be taking it out of the NIV version of the Bible.

In verse 16, Be joyful always! Some version will say, rejoice in all things. That is the key to this blog on being thankful this holiday season; not just but all year long. Another pastor would say, “Smile!” When others see you smiling and rejoicing instead of feeling sorry for yourself. You can tell them the reasons for your joy. It may leads them to the Lord.

In verse 17, “Pray continually!” This verse is also very important to get us through dark days in our lives. It will remove the dark shadows as we walk through the valley of death.

As FDR said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We can either let fear control us by living in self-pity because of this pandemic or we can rise up and stands against it.

Now in verse 18, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” We can give thanks even during this pandemic. We can be thankful even when we can’t be with our loved ones. We can be thankful even in the midst of trials. We can count our blessings and be thankful at all times.

The time is now to get back to God and to be thankful for what we do have. We need to get self off the throne and put God back where he belongs. As the Lord told me, I’m telling you, stop feeling sorry for yourself! When the news and Facebook is depressing you turn it off, get some sun and read your Bible. Go ahead read these verses that I mentioned in this blog. It may uplift you to get you to be more thankful.

If this speaks to you finds yourself a good Bible preaching church and find someone to pray with you to accept the Lord into your life. If this touch you in some way, I would like to hear from you. So please push the like button and comment if you want.