Rise and Fall in Power

What goes up must come down!

There had been countries that risen and fallen in power throughout history. Some may even surprise you.

This book that I am holding is a prophecy book; but I will look at this more politically and historically instead.

Even though the Roman empire was mentioned in the Bible during the time of Jesus and the Apostle Paul; it was actually the Greek empire that came before the Roman empire.

Alexander the Great changed the course of history. He was one of the greatest military generals. His empire stretched from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to part of India. He was also from Greece.

The Viking era is a period from the Germanic Iron age. From around 793 to 1066, Norsemen used rivers and oceans to explore Europe for trading, raiding and conquest.

The Vikings were from the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Actually, it was Leif Erikson, a Viking who was the first to discovered America.

They were like the pirates in their days when it came in conquering other countries, such as England. You are all familiar with Hagar the Horrible(no relation, even though I was kidded about it).

A little sidebar, if they are looking at changing names for sports teams that is offensive, maybe the Scandinavians should ordered the Minnesota Vikings to change their names. It doesn’t fit who the Vikings really are.

The Spanish and English empire was in power about the same time after the Vikings.

The Spanish controlled the oceans with pirates.

England was in power up to the Revolution war here in the states; while we were just 13th colonies.

Napoleon was in power in France around 1804, shortly after the French revolution.

During Adolf Hitler’s reign of terror in the 1930’s, Germany became a powerful empire under Hitler. Hitler also brought Socialism for Germany during that time. He was the biggest threat during World War 2. We all know what happened to his reign of terror, once the United States and Russia got involved.

It goes to show that Socialism will never last. Many talked about it. It gets people interested but as President Trump said, “United States will never have Socialism as their motto even when they talked about it constantly. It will wear itself out eventually.

It did in Germany under Hitler.

The Russian empire became the biggest threat to the United States shortly after World War 2 and up the 1980’s under President Reagan. Some say that Reagan was responsible for the downfall of the Russian empire.

President Reagan told Russia, “The wall must come down!” He was referring to the Berlin Wall.

Even President John F. Kennedy battled Russia during the Cuban crisis. Some may even say that the Russians may had been behind Assassination of Kennedy.

He may had been part of downfall of Russia; but also when Russia attack Afghanistan, I believe that was their downfall. They were there too long and it broke them. Much to the same way it nearly broke the United States under President George W. Bush.

When Russia was a threat to the United States during the 1980’s, now the threat to the United States is China. China is fast becoming a very powerful empire as we speak.

They were all for Reagan to stop the Russian empire; but for some reasons they are not in such a big hurry to stop China empire. Why is that?

President Trump saw right through the treaty with the Chinese and refused to negotiate because he saw it being only one-sided in favor of the Chinese. It was very smart of him; yet the Democrats criticized him for it. It’s almost like they want the Chinese government to take over the United States.

Who knows this Coronavirus may had been the Chinese government enactment of revenge against the United States and President Trump? This virus started there but it couldn’t stayed there even when Trump ordered no traveling to and from China early in the year.

As you can see no countries remained in power forever. United States had been in power probably the longest. Will China succeed in taking down the United States to become the most powerful nation? It seems that the Democrats want that to happen.