Why it’s hard to be a Conservative these Days?

Have you ever encountered hatred from these Trump’s haters?

There was an elderly gentleman who would shop at Kmart who was so full of hatred for Pres. Trump. Whenever he would see me either at Kmart or outside at the bus shelter near Kmart, he would swear deregulatory at me. He’s a crazy angry man.

I was going to do this blog back in February and call it, Why it’s hard to be a Conservative in Hollywood; but then I changed my mind and decided to do this instead.

In the old days of Hollywood, Hollywood stars were more Conservative than what they are today. Such stars as Henry Fonda, Charleston Heston, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, etc. were all Conservative. They would be blackballed by today’s Hollywood stars. Just think, Henry Fonda was a Conservative; while both of his kids, Peter and Jane are Liberals.

Whoopi Goldberg made a statement few months ago, stating, “The views don’t need any Conservative guests.” Most recently, Whoopi got angry at Judge Jeannine when she was a guest to promote her new book. Whoopi wouldn’t shut her trap to let her promote her book. She just wanted to yell and complained about Pres. Trump. She soon walked off the set. She later swore at Judge Jeannine by telling her to get the FU out! If you ask me, Whoopi should be fired from the Views for that outburst.

Whoopi isn’t the only one who is so filled with hatred for Trump, the Republicans, and anyone who is a Conservative. They don’t want to listen to reason. To them, they are right and the Trump’s supporter, Republicans, and Conservative are all wrong. Just like that guy who cussed me out whenever he saw me.

If anyone had a Trump’s bumper sticker on their vehicles, these Trump’s hater will probably tear it off or hit your car on purpose.

That guy wasn’t the only one filled with such hatred that they are blinded by it. I know a few others as well; some of them are on my Facebook page.

They say that Trump is hateful. He’s just brass that’s all! He doesn’t have the tact that Pres. Reagan had when he too encountered hatred within his own party, the Democrats, and the mainstream news media. You have to be tough to stand up against these haters out there. You have to have thick skin as well; otherwise, they will walk all over you. Trump is a strong leader, and I have to admire him for than. He has courage.

When I first became a Republicans back in 1984 because of Ronald Reagan, I had a college professor who was a Democrat. We had respect for each other. He became my advisor. Today, there are Democrats and Trump’s hater you cannot talk to without them ragging you out for standing up for Trump.

Back in 2016, Hillary Clinton called anyone who supported Trump a bunch of redneck. Now Joe Biden is taking a page from that book himself. Even the mainstream news media is so full of hatred for Trump and his supporters.

If anyone watch the Democrats convention almost 2 weeks ago, they had nothing but hatred for Pres. Trump. They didn’t share any agendas. Even Michelle Obama, who I once respected, but not anymore, was so filled with hatred.

When the Democrats went low, the Republicans at their convention went high. They gave us hope and a reason for voting for Pres. Trump.

The hateful group, ANTIFA would travel around the country visiting cities and colleges spreading hatred around. There was a teenage boy by name of Nathan Phillips, was harass by ANTIFA because he wore a MAGA hat.

Then there was a college student who was beaten and harass right on campus. The one who assaulted him was never charge and went and did it again to someone else.

With both examples, the mainstream news media just laughed about it.

Representative Jeff Van Drew left the Democrat party to become a Republican after voting not to impeach Trump. He was from New Jersey. He spoke at the Republican convention, telling why he felt he had to switch party. Under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi, he was threaten to be blackballed by the Democrats if he didn’t vote with them. He even said that Pelosi and Biden are just puppets for these Progressive Left and their agendas and hatred for Trump. He even said that we are all Americans and need to learn to get along to work together for the people of this country.

He wasn’t the only former Democrats to speak at the Republicans convention. There was also a color democratic representative who spoke in favor of Trump and against Biden.

It goes to show that those who speak out against the Democrat party will become expel. This prove that they have become the party of hatred. There are Democrats who are afraid to speak up against the leaders because they may be expel. They don’t like the way the Progressive Left is going; but don’t dare speak up against them.

Even though there is a group of people in the Democrat party who is choosing to walk away and vote for Trump.

Another group that is so full of hatred is the Black Lives Matter. They are hurting their cause with their hatred and their riots in these major cities run by Democrats. These democratic leaders aren’t doing anything about them either.

They think that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr will not be happy about what they are doing. He was about peace and love in his march. These Black Lives Matter is all about hate and violence. Martin would not be very happy with what they are doing.

There is even Trump’s supporter who had their Trump’s sign stolen from their front yard.

Pres. Kennedy would not be accepted by today’s Democrats because he was too conservative.

I actually believe that there are probably more Trump’s supporters out there. They are just afraid to come forward out of fear of being harass by these Trump’s haters out there.

Ben Carson spoke about having courage to stand up against the haters.

Just like there are Democrats who do not approve of Joe Biden and the way the Democrats have become. Yet they are afraid of being expelled by the party.

In a world fill with hate, be a like. Don’t let these haters keep you from voting this election and voting to reelect Pres. Trump. Have courage to stand up against the haters!

If you are a Democrat and doesn’t like the way they are right now, you can always walk away and vote for Trump.

The Democrats have more hatred for Trump than the Republicans had for Obama. I was Republican who voted for Obama and I’m still a Republican. They haven’t expelled me.

I’m not letting these haters scare me from voting to reelect Trump. I’m not letting these haters scare me from speaking out against them in my blog and on Facebook.

Facebook and Twitters will try to shut down any Trump’s supporters, Republicans, and Conservative who is very outspoken. Not just them but those I mentioned in this blog may want to shut me down.

This is America and we have the freedom to vote for whoever we want. We have the freedom of Speech as well.

This is my message to all those haters out there. You are not going to scare me with your hate. If you are so blinded by your hatred, leave us the hell alone!!