Back to School

Yes folks, it’s that time of year again! It’s time to start thinking about getting our children back to school again. Kids don’t hate me for this!

I know that there are people who wouldn’t want to sent their kids back to school as long as we are in this Pandemic; but the time has come. They are living in fear, and would rather keeps everything shut down. They would rather keeps the economy shut down to hurt Pres. Trump’s chances for reelection.

Well, it’s time for America to get back to work and the kids to get back to school. Sorry kids!!

It had been a nice time off for the kids since school was called off way back in the beginning of this pandemic. Even though, they were still learning online. It was a good time for parents to get closer to their kids and see what they are actually learning in school now.

If they can restart the schools in Sweden and Germany, so should the United States do it safely.

It’s vital that schools reopen if we are to stay ahead of the other countries in education and technologies. We are falling behind them!

It’s also very important for our kids to have social interaction with other kids to help develop their young minds and well-being; according to any psychology books out there.

As important school is for children well-being and social interaction skills; I have different reasons for not sending them back to school.

Since schools been close and students had to learn online, it gave the parents the opportunity to get closer to their kids and to see what they are being taught by our Liberal education system.

For so long, parents had become dependent on our education system and been slacking on their job in raising their kids with good values. Parents had been too busy working making a living to support the family; so they put it in the hands of our schools in teaching children false values that differs from their own that they may had been taught by their parents and grandparents. They have been taught a false security by our Liberal education system.

You see, our schools are run by such organization as ACLU; and they have been corrupting our kids with false security. Teachers will leave out certain information if they don’t approve of it and get away with it. Teachers are even more liberal now than when I was in school.

For example: kids now days don’t believe that the holocaust ever existed, because they are not taught the horror of it. I remembered studying the holocaust in high school and even taking the whole day to see a movie about the holocaust.

They are not taught the true meaning of Socialism; thus is why there are those pushing for Socialism today on the Left.

When I was in school, we weren’t taught about the Vietnam War; but rather what was going on in the states during that time.

Even though, kids need social interaction for their well being and growth and schools is good for that. They need the proper education as well if the United States is to compete with other countries.

It’s a proven fact that kids who are either home schooled or sent to private school will do so much better in college. Socially, they probably wouldn’t, if taught at home.

When kids have social interaction with other kids, they do well socially. Some who were an only child may grow up unsociable; unless they are around other kids either in the family, church, or neighborhood.

For example: I have to admit for my first 5 years of my life, I was an only child. Luckily, I had cousins around me; either first or second. So it was very welcoming for me to get a family with siblings when I turned 6.

Since teachers have become very liberal in their teaching, their values doesn’t match up with what hopefully parents were taught themselves. Teachers today are taught in a Liberal college by liberal professors.

That is a big problem in our education system today. If you want to know more check on my blog on our education system is failing our children; where I talked in favor of the Secretary of Education under President Trump.

I know that parents cannot really be there to properly teach our children; thus they have become dependent on the education system to do the jobs for them. I mean both parents have to work to support the family. Or the parents are divorce and there is only one of them at home; they have to work to support the family.

I admired those who can teach from home. There kids are being taught better than they would in our public schools.

I don’t even know if they do the Pledge of Allegiance in schools anymore. That was the first things we did when I was in school. That is a matter of teaching respect.

There you have it, my reason for not wanting our kids back in school. Since parents was able to see what their kids are being taught in our schools, they must now watch very closely what their kids are being taught and if it doesn’t coincide with their beliefs , speak up about it. You have that right!

I understand that not all parents has the opportunity to home school their kids. They have to work to support them.

It’s back to school for the kids, back to work for America, and back to normal; if we are ever to rebuild the economy once again; and make America great again!