Buy Local!!

Are you the kind that shop online or were you kind was push into because of this Pandemic?

Shopping online is very convenience. You can sit either at home on your home computer or even now on your smartphone and shop for what you want or need. You don’t have to leave your home and deal with the mob of shoppers. You don’t have to worry about not getting what you want because you cannot find it on the shelves.

Yet at the same time, it could be very addicting. You could spend more than what you may intend too. Thus, going into debt because of this addiction.

I have to admit shopping online was very handy in finding the hard to locate items in the stores. And that’s a good thing, besides being convenience.

During this Pandemic, businesses were shut down, and people were force to shop online to get what they happens to need or want. The local economy was hurt because of this.

I have to admit these pass few months, I was forced to do more shopping online than I ever did. I don’t know about you!

The retail industries were badly hurt because of online shopping. Many retails finds it difficult to compete; so many either gone under and close their doors forever. Some try to join the online shopping by allowing people to shop online through their store online site.

By shutting everything down these past few months, it hurts the economy big time.

The only things that wasn’t affected because of this Pandemic was online shopping. Places like Amazon was booming during this time.

If you want to build up the economy again, it starts with buying local and shopping your local stores once again. Once these stores open up, the time is now to check them out.

I don’t know about you, when it comes to buying shoes and clothes, it’s better to try them on before buying them; especially shoes. It depends on the brand of shoes or clothes on how they will fit a person. Each brand fits differently.

I heard someone say, “this Pandemic could be at fault because of those behind these online businesses wanting to get more people shopping online, just to hurt the retail industries.” What do you think? Could this be true?

When you buy local, you can even make sure that you are buying American made stuff.

While buying online, there’s no guaranteed that what you are getting is American made. You could be getting stuff made in other countries.

In some countries, there is no child labor law. Many children are treated as slaves in these sweat lodge, we call factory.

Another thing about shopping online, you could be bringing items into this country that will harm our health; such as the Coronavirus. You don’t want what you may bring in from other countries!

Not only shopping online hurt retails, it’s also hurt many restaurants as well. The only way they could survive was by having people set up an APP to preorder their food.

I mean, the APPS on your smartphone became very big during this time. The only way the APPS works is with your credit or debit card. Another way of taking your money and you going into possible debt because of it.

Could those behind online shopping be using this to hurt the local economy? I mean, our economy was doing good when Trump first became President. Could the Democrats be responsible because they was looking for ways to defeat Trump in 2020?

Let us prove them wrong and buy local. Let us buy America made products. If it’s not made in America, don’t buy it!

By buying stuff made in other countries you are supporting child slavery, you may be bringing things into this country that will poison us, and most important; you will hurt the United States economy.

Under Trump, the US factories had started to reopen. More jobs were becoming more available. Pres. Trump had also lifted the regulations off these factories, that force them to make their products in other countries; because it was cheaper.

Is this the future? Everything is bought online or through your APP. Are we doing away with cash; and going with credit/debit cards? Are we becoming a nation of lazy people; where we need the convenience of our home computers or smartphones?

Remember, if it’s doesn’t say made in America, don’t buy it! Support America!! Support your local business by buying local if you can. It will be the only way to build the economy back up again.