Ode to the Farmers

This is my tribute, my love letter to those who worked hard to feed the world and gets really no respect, not much money, and have to deal with so much just to survive. Yes, I’m talking about the farmers!

In the life of the farmers, their day starts before sunup and end way after sundown. They worked very hard without much sleep. They have to deal with the elements and Mother Nature to feed the world.

Sure there are some big ranches out there and some well-to-do farmers; but it’s small compare to the oil business.

Some of these farmers can face a huge debts in some years with hardly any help at all from the government. They don’t have the people lobbying for them like the big oil company; and that’s a crying shame.

Some years can be good. While other years are very lean.

It’s the farmers’ job to feed the whole world. They should at least be recognize and paid better for it.

I mean, we need food to survive more than we need oil.

Farmers are caretakers of this planet. They grow the crops, raised cattle, pigs, chickens, etc. They can have many repairs work needed on their farms. That repairs work can be rather costly. Sometimes, they may have to buy new equipment. They also have to deal with Mother Nature year after year.

If winters extends too long, it’s shortened their growing seasons. Even if there’s a flood in the Spring of the year; that could at well keep the farmers from getting the crops planted. Not only that, if the summer is too hot and dry, that too can hurt the farmers. They also have to deal with horrific storms that could damage the crops. So they have to be heavily insured to protect themselves.

In the Fall, they are in rush to bring in the harvest and take it to the market. This is where they are not paid as well as they should be. If they can’t get the crops to the market; it could sit for days in their silos. It could actually spoil on them. When that happens, they lose out on money. They need to be able to sell. They don’t always make a profit some years. Sometimes they break even.

They have to deal with pesticides and pests that can destroy the crops.

A good farmer, hopefully, will never use Round Up or other poisonous chemicals. That is poisons for our bodies. Years ago, farmers grew the crops naturally without spraying with poisons. We then eat that poisons. The best crops is the all-natural ones, true organic.

I won’t go too much in the poisons in our food supplies. I will say this though, that poisonous chemicals is ruining our immune system. Thus we are easily infected with viruses, such as Covid.

If you ever travel out in the country, the ugliest site is seeing the windmills. Plus, they are killing the birds and animals that may come in contact with them.

Crimes are getting so bad in the cities, people are moving out into the country, buying up the lands. So the family farm is shrinking even more. I hate just seeing the countryside being ruin by the city slickers.

As of 2008, less than 2% of the population is directly employed in agriculture. In 2012, there were 3.2 million farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers and an estimated 757,900 agricultural workers were legally employed in the US.

So you can see this is small percentage to the rest of the world. They have a huge responsibility and they aren’t comprehended for it very well.

There are some countries, like India, who doesn’t wants our food supplies because of the poisonous chemicals being used. That, right there can hurt a farmers if they used those chemicals.

Let us look at the trade deals with China. President Trump didn’t agreed to it because he wanted a better deal for United States and for the farmers in particular. He felt the deal was too one-sided and in favor of China. Those on the Left felt that it possibly hurt the farmers by not agreeing to the trade deal.

Kind of make you wonder if the Chinese were responsible for the Coronavirus because Pres. Trump wouldn’t go along with their deal. They did it on purpose to hurt United States economy.

One thing this Pandemic may do, is get people hopefully to start thinking of their health better, and stop putting poisons into their bodies. They will look for ways to improve their immune systems. Maybe more and more people will start growing their own garden once again.

May you think about the farmers and all their hard works they do to feed the whole world; especially while enjoying a good healthy meal. May we start appreciating the farmers even more than what we do. They go through a lot to feed the whole world.

They are more vital than the oil company. We can deal without gas and oil but we can’t live without food.

At the same time, farmers, you need to stop using these poisons on your crops. You are poisoning our immune systems and destroying the planets with that poisons.

God bless the farmers for all their hard work!! Even though, people like Alexander Cortez don’t know where milk comes from, or that she wants to ban cow farts because she feels that they are hurting the ozone area.