I highly doubt that they shut everything down during the Spanish Flu in 1918. It’s not good for the economy to shut everything down.

Yet, for the Coronavirus, businesses were shut down. They even cancelled summer; not exactly but you’ll get the message if you haven’t already.

Summertime is meant for barbecue, corn on the cob, swimming, and fireworks. Summertime is the time to go to the lakes, parks and fairs.

The start of this summer was the start of many cancellation. First of all, baseball had a late start. Pools didn’t open up right away. The first week of June, Rib Fest was cancelled! That was the start of many cancellation for this summer; giving us the summertime blues.

They then cancelled the state fair up in Minot, ND and also the state fair in Minnesota. Then they cancelled the Red River Valley Fair.

At first, the street fair was postpone until August; but that was soon cancelled.

I don’t know about you but I’m gonna miss those cheese curds this summer. I know that they aren’t the healthiest. Any cheese curds you get at the fairs or Rib Fest are better than you get at Culver’s.

Not only for the last weekend of summer, they cancelled Steam Thrasher Reunion in Rollag, MN.

They even cancelled any 4th of July events.

For all these events, you are outside enjoying the nice summer weather. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

If that’s the case, they should cancelled road construction as well; if you catch my sarcasm.

People can’t really goes far on vacation because travel by airplanes, trains, and busses are limited as well. Besides, some of these bigger cities you may not want to go to because of the riots going on.

Few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to get out of town and go to Barnesville, MN. It was very nice to get the hell of dodge even for just 1 day. It was normal. People weren’t wearing their masks and they were actually enjoying what they can of summer.

I now heard that the camp I go to in August is also cancelled.

What is a person to do in the summer now? No concerts! No fairs! No camping! No traveling! No outdoors activities!

Then Alexander Cortez and Nancy Pelosi just sit in their Ivory tower and laugh about it. Even Miss little Cortez had the galls to say with smirk that I like to wipe off her damn ugly face, “See, we have the power to shut everything down.” Then she just laugh about it. She should be taken out back whipped hard.

Even the mainstream fake news media gives us nothing but doom and gloom over this pandemic.

It’s not good for the economy to shut everything down. I highly doubt that they shut everything down during the Spanish Flu. They didn’t have the media back then scaring the people that they got now. This country got through that because people back then had common sense and their immune system were healthier. There wasn’t poisons being put into their bodies as there is now.

No wonder we have riots right now! People have so much energy from being coop up for so long. You can only be coop up for so long before something break. It’s not good for relationship either.

The Democrats and the fake news media complained that Pres. Trump is out doing his rally for his reelection bid. Yet they don’t say much about those out rioting. Why is that? I’ll tell you, why!

They both knows that Trump has a huge supporters out there who will vote and support him as President. He knows how to revved up the crowd.

Whereas, Biden’s mouth gets him into trouble every time. He did terrible at the Democratic debate. Whenever he was confronted on any issues, he just stuttered. So the Democrats feels that it’s for the best that they keep Biden in his basement hidden and quiet.

Those rioting does more damage than Pres. Trump out doing his campaign rally.

Whoever is responsible in bringing this Coronavirus about, better hope that no one finds out. If it’s found out who was responsible, there will be a lynch mob out to get them. I don’t care if they are Chinese, Russian, black, white, Democrats, Republicans, or whoever. They will be lynch by an angry mob and hung on a tree. We better not hear from “Black Lives matter either.

When you mess with our economy, lifestyles, and summer, you ‘re begging for trouble.

When this pandemic is all said and done, there should be the biggest party ever. The fake news media and the Democrats should pay for it all, out of their own pockets; instead of taxing the American people. They should furnish the entertainment, food, and alcohol or non-alcohol for those who don’t drink. They owe it to the American people for laughing as everything is shut down.