American Dream

July 4th is Independence Day. The day the Declaration of Independence was signed and United States was formed by our forefathers.

People wanted to come to America for the freedom that we have in this country. They want to be a part of the American dream. No wonder immigrants are coming in groves to our country. It’s the promise land! It’s a land of prosperity.

Our ancestors came over from England to get away from the King of England and his high taxes, and strict government control. They wanted freedom. Which is why we had the Revolution War and the Boston Tea Party. We wanted to be a nation that can govern ourselves.

The Statue of Liberty in the harbor of New York City to welcome immigrants. Ellis Islands was there to also welcome immigrants into our country legally.

Many immigrants were just trying to get away from total government control and to finally be free once and for all. They wants a chance to live the American dream of prosperity. They wanted freedom that they weren’t getting in their home country. They heard that the United States was filled with milk and honey. A place where they can prosper and be free.

I can understand the reasons for immigrants trying to cross the border illegally. They wants what only America can offer them.

A lot of those immigrants were leaving countries run by a Socialist and Socialism. They were running to get away from cruel dictators; like our ancestors escaped the cruel monarchy of England.

People may complain how Capitalism is so corrupt and only a few can achieve success; according to some. I’m here to tell you living the American dream isn’t no bed of roses. It takes hard works to succeed. It takes blood and sweat to make it. There will be struggle along the way to achieving success.

My all-time favorite author was John Steinbeck. He was popular in the early 1900; especially during the dirty 30’s or the time of the Depression for this country. Some may think that Steinbeck was very depressing. It was the time that we were living in that was depressing; thus to why it was called the Great Depression.

If you read any of his books, you will noticed that he was showing that there will be hardship on the way to achieving your success. Some may have it harder than others. We all have a chance to achieve that success, with a little hard work.

Hard works never hurt anyone! If you want something bad enough you have to work hard for it.

Steinbeck also showed what greed can do to a person by corrupting them. That goes right along with achieving success.

You can be whatever you want in this country if you want it bad enough. You just have to be willing to work for it.

If we had Socialism in this country, we couldn’t live the American dream. Only the government will get bigger and bigger. We would be slaves to the government like in Russia.

We wouldn’t be able to own property. We wouldn’t have the freedom to protest or gives our opinions.

In a Socialist country, I wouldn’t be able to write my blog. The government would shut me down, imprison me, or even possible kill me.

You can complain all you want about Capitalism; it’s still part of the American dream, along with a little hard work.

The Kennedy was Irish Immigrants family, and looks how they have achieved the dream. Even Sam Walton had achieved the dream.

I haven’t quiet achieve that great success yet; but that doesn’t mean that I’m not giving up yet. If I want my blog to succeed, I have to keep plugging along.

This is America and we have that right to succeed in whatever we put our mind to. If you don’t do anything and expect the government to gives you handout, I pity you! You will never succeed. You will constantly be under the control by the government.

I can understand the dreamers. They just want a chance to live the dream and prosper. They don’t want handouts. Yet the Democrats want to control them by giving them handouts.

There are people who feels that they are entitled to success. To them, I say, “You got to work for it. Nothing is free!”

My step-dad created a lot things to help him but he never patented it. If he had patented what he created, our family could had been better off.

At least he knew the meaning of hard work to get ahead.

It’s time to make American great again! If we want to prosper, we have to be willing to work hard for it. We have to be willing to take the bull by the horn. We can’t just sit on our ass and expect to succeed.

Are you living the dream? What are doing to keep from living the dream?

As Pres. Kennedy said, “Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.”

What are you willing to do to succeed? What do you want out of life?

It’s all up to you if you will live the American dream or not! It’s your choice!

So remember that as you celebrate the 4th of July!!