What’s Missing in our Schools?

In light of all these school shootings the last few years, I felt that I will mentioned what is missing in our schools.

This may be very controversial and there may people who will disagree with me. I welcomes your comments.

There is now high security system in the schools today. Higher than what it was when I was in school. They have scanner like the ones you finds at the airports and the courts. In hoping to stop guns from entering the schools.

The latest news, some schools are allowing teachers to carry guns to arm themselves in case of would-be shooters to protect themselves and the students.

They are asking for trouble when they do that.

They even have armed security guards inside the schools. Some schools even have lockdown, like a prison.

Back when I was in high school, from the ninth grade and up we were allowed to go up town Hawley during lunch hour instead of walking over to the elementary school for lunch; if we didn’t much care for the lunch being served.

In some schools that is being taken away.

Also back in High School in Hawley, students would crossed the road from the high school to smoke. Some may even had done drugs.

Since it was just off the school grounds, nothing could be done.

That was mild compare to what the schools today is facing.

I have gotten in a debate with a person over with what I’m going to share in this blog years ago. So here is what I feels is missing in our schools today.

The moment they took the Bible and prayers out of our schools, violence have gotten worse.

I understand the reason because the ACLU had gotten involved and felt that it was a form of discrimination to non-Christians or other religions.

All religions pray in some form or another. It doesn’t matter if your are a Christian or not. You could be a Muslims or whatever, and you still will pray.

Even if you are not a Christian, you can still meditate. It’s that quiet time to begin the day.

It was during the Columbine school shooting, that the shooter aimed the gun at a Christian student and threatened them deny Christ or die.

Another things that is missing in our schools is morality. Young people today are not taught morality, at home and at school.

Parents are either too busy with work to spend time teaching their kids, or are not in the home anymore because of divorce. So they leave it up to the teachers.

People morality are way different than it was when I was a child. Just look around today and you will see.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m for allowing children to be themselves. That’s how they develop. They still needs some form of morality.

There is a lack of discipline in our schools. When a child misbehave, they send them to the school counselor to help the teachers understand why they are misbehaving.

These school counselors diagnosis the students as having ADD; when they may or may not. Then they highly medicated them. That way they can control the students better.

Kids need to be kids. It’s part of the development process.

Maybe they act up because they are bored. They are not being challenge in our schools.

Now days, kids have their own cell phone. I think when they are in school they shouldn’t be allowed to have them. If parents needs to get a hold of their kids, they can call the school and relay a message to them like the old days.

Back to the discipline part, I’m not saying that teachers should beat a child senseless. I’m against corporal punishment that was in the old Catholic schools. Yet the students needs some form of discipline; so that they can learn morality, learn what’s right and what’s wrong.

Yet today’s children are ruling the schools. If a teacher lays a hand on them to discipline them, they scream child abuse.

If they do a good job to be rewarded, and the teachers gives them a pat on the back. The students may say, “the teachers touch me inappropriately.”

I don’t even know if they say the pledge of allegiance to the flags anymore.

When I was in school, and the first thing we did everyday was say the pledge and salute the the American flag.

I’m not saying that there wasn’t fighting in our schools. I’m just saying, school was safer back then. Students were taught morality. They were discipline if they misbehave. They were allowed to pray. Our founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew what is going on in our schools today.

If you want to stop the school shootings, it is time for this country to get back to God. It is time that our students are taught morality. It is time that they are discipline properly when they misbehave. Not beat them, discipline them!

It is time that they are allowed to pray and bring their Bibles to school if they want.

We don’t need to arms our teachers or have security guards. We must not tie their hands though. That way they can teach and challenge the students to be who they are meant to be.

Not all students needs to be medicated to be kept under control.