Why should we keeps routing for the Minnesota Vikings?

I can understand loyalty to something or someone. Continuing routing for the Vikings is way beyond loyalty. It’s almost pure crazy and frustrating.

I know that a team can’t win every game. There have to be a winner and a loser. If a team wins too much, people becomes suspicious. For example: the New England Patriots.

The joke goes, “why can’t the Vikings eat cereal? They choke every time they comes to a bowl.”

The Minnesota Vikings had been to 4 Super Bowl and lost all 4 of them. Don’t get me wrong, they are not the only team to lose all 4 Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills did it too.

The only difference, the Bills had lost 4 in a row pretty much.

Believe me, I felt living up here in North Dakota and Minnesota, a person should route for their home NFL team, the Vikings. I just get so frustrated with them for constantly losing and choking.

There is one NFL team I dislike more and that is the Detroit Lions. They have not been to a Super Bowl yet.

What gets me, when the Vikings plays against the Lions and loses; I have to asked, “How can they lose to the worse team in the NFL?”

It’s gets frustrating every time to see the Vikings constantly choking. It’s the added stress on a person life. Why do you want that in your life?

It’s like working at a dead-end job or staying in a love-less marriage. Why bother? They are like an emotional vampire. They just drain you emotionally.

In 2018, the Vikings had a chance to make history by being the only NFL team to have a home field advantage at the Super Bowl. They had blown it though. It could had been them against the Patriots; but rather it was the Eagles who beat the Patriots instead. I have to admit part of me was hoping that the Vikings could pull it off and make history. Once again they choke and let a lot of people down.

When it seems that they choked during the playoffs, they blame other people instead of taking responsibility themselves. They either blames the coach, the manager, the referee, and the list goes on.

When the Eagles beats them, they blamed them and called them outright names.

Some people even goes as far as to say that the Super Bowl is rigged because of the Vince Lombardi trophy; and he played for the Green Bay Packers.

They should stop blaming others and look within to see why they keep choking.

I remembered when I was with a group from the Twin Cities as we were going through Wisconsin on the way to Indianapolis for a Work & witness trip. I mentioned that Wisconsin is such a beautiful state. Believe me, that wasn’t the thing to say to someone who is loyal to the Vikings. Wisconsin is the Green Bay Packers home turf. I don’t care, because Wisconsin is beautiful and it’s God’s country. At least, the Packers had won Super Bowl.

Even the Chicago Bears had won a Super Bowl.

I’ve got some healing for you to help you with your frustration with the Vikings. You don’t have to keep routing for them year after year; unless you enjoyed being stressed out every time. If you enjoys the frustration, so be it. That’s your problem!

North Dakota may not have a NFL team; but they do have a college team to route for. I’m talking about the NDSU Bison. Right now, they are on a winning streak. Even though, people are becoming suspicious.

We have the Green Bay Packers. I know, I’m a fudge packer, as fans of the Packers are sometimes called.

There is now 2 NFL teams that have a quarterback from NDSU that we can route for rather than keeps getting frustrated over the Vikings.

There had been other players from NDSU who went on to play in the NFL though. Phil Hanson played for the Bills, and he came from NDSU. Sure he took them to about 4 Super Bowl and couldn’t get them over the hump.

Not like Carson Wentz, who plays for the Eagles. He brought them to the playoffs in 2018; so that Nick Foley could take them over the top and win the Super Bowl. The Eagles was able to wipe the smug off Tom Brady’s face.

Every time a team can do that, I’m ecstatic.

Now this year, we have another quarterback from NDSU who is playing in the NFL. Easton Stick is playing for the LA Chargers.

The only difference, Wentz is the first string quarterback and Stick isn’t though. I’m not saying that he can’t moved up and help the Chargers make to the Super Bowl.

I don’t think that they can play each other in the Super Bowl; but they can possibly play each other in the playoffs. That will be match up to see. It will be nice to see Wentz and Stick plays up against each other; since they are both from NDSU.

Besides, the Chargers also yet to win a Super Bowl or even plays in a Super Bowl. When they were known as the San Diego Charger, they made it to the Super Bowl but never won as well.

So why keeps routing for the Vikings? Why keep putting yourself in a stressful and frustrating situation? Do you hope that maybe some days they will actually pull off the inevitable? I want to know. Be free to comment at the end of this blog. I welcome it with open arms.

The Minnesota Vikings didn’t deserve a new stadium. They didn’t deserve the taxpayers of Minnesota to pay for it. That was the biggest waste. It’s more of waste than the Wall that we need on our border between US and Mexico.