Our Tax Dollars at work-wasteful spending

It’s that dreadful time of year again. The day we all hate with a passion. No one like paying taxes! Our taxes are too high and the government doesn’t deserve any of our hard earned money.

Before the Revolution war, the Colonists boarded the British sea merchant as protest against the over taxation of tea from the King of England. That was the original tea party movement that happened at the Boston harbor.

United States passed the income tax bill back in 1913. Woodrow Wilson was President when the income tax bill was passed. He was a Democrat too.

It goes to show that the Democrats is the party of high taxation and government waste.

One of the biggest waste of our tax dollars to date is the investigation of President Trump and the Mueller’s FBI’s files. He didn’t find any evidence of collusion with the Russians, causing his victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. The Democrats were looking for any reasons to impeach Pres. Trump. They and the fake news media hated him that bad. They were whining about Hillary Clinton losing the election.

It took over 2 years of wasteful spending of our tax dollars over stupidity. Now it looks like the people who was behind pushing the investigation of Pres. Trump and the Russians collusion may have a long list of suspects. Top of the list are: the late Sen. John McCain, because of his jealousy. The Clinton’s foundation, especially Hillary. Even Pres. Obama may had been involved with this. One of his lawyer is now under investigation because of this.

Just think before it’s all said and done, I’d be surprised to find how many were actually involved.

Since Mueller couldn’t find any evidence to impeach Trump, the Democrats are so upset that they are looking for other reasons to stop him.

Another example of wasteful spending involved the Jussie Smollett’s false assault charge that he made in Chicago. At first, there was talk about racial discrimination accusation. When the police found out in their investigation that it was all a hoax made up by him. They went all out to press charges against him for taking advantage of them and for wasting taxpayers dollars. When all said and done, the Prosecuting Attorney chose not to press charges against him. Why?

They should had thrown the book at him and he should had served prison times. He committed fraud and cost the taxpayers money that didn’t need to be spent. Even the mayor of Chicago; who was a friend of Obama wondered why.

I heard that a conservative blogger made a statement, if I heard correctly, that Kamala Harris may somehow been involved with Jussie Smollett getting off scotch free. She may had paid off the Prosecuting Attorney.

The Democrats believes in over taxing the American people and using a bunch of red tapes. They think they are taxing the rich. They are not being tax. It is us, the working class that is getting the shaft; because of the loopholes and red tapes.

A prime example of red tapes is Obamacare.

I have to admit at first the healthcare system was a disaster and we needed better healthcare system. The more I look at Obamacare, the more I see what a disaster it really is. I think they needs to scrap the whole thing and work out a better health plan.

Under Obamacare, I was penalize twice and lost about a grand because of it. The first time, I was penalized for not having insurance; and lost my tax returns because of Obamacare.

What good does it do to penalize people?

There are people who would work day labors job and wouldn’t care about having health insurance at all.

Just this past year, after filing my taxes, I was penalized again. This time for having too much health insurance. I was lucky enough to only lose around $300 this time.

Since the Democrats been in control of the House of Representative for around 100 days, they haven’t done anything to deserve our votes in 2020. When Nancy Pelosi was asked about this, she answered, “There is just too much to do.”

To be honest, they haven’t done a damn thing but look for ways to get rid Trump or go out campaigning for the run for President in 2020. The Democratic party is so divided. Even more than the Republicans were before 2016.

The Democrats say that they are for the poor working class. They not only created the income tax. They also created many red tapes involving government assistant. They are becoming more and more Socialist. They want to offer free service in the name of helping the poor. Nothing is free! The taxpayers(that’s you and I) pay for all these services.

The poor will always remain poor if the government keeps on giving to them. Then again the Democrats want to keep the poor; that way they can control us.

As the saying goes, “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; but teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” If you want to help the poor, show how they can get off the system and live the American dream.

The Democrats is for big government. I’m for less government. According to the Constitution, the state is suppose to govern the people; while the Federal Government is just to be overseer.

One of the things that Pres. Reagan tried to do was to give the state back control; and take it away from the federal.

Here is a message to the Democratic party: if you don’t start working with Pres. Trump, we the American people will remember that and vote you all out of office. It’s time to throw the bums out in Washington.

We don’t need more government, we need less government.

The government doesn’t deserve our hard earned money. If they don’t do the work that they were elected for, they shouldn’t get paid. This is with any jobs.

It’s time that the American people have another revolt against the Government like the Colonist did when they threw the tea overboard in the Boston Harbor during the first tea party movement. Let us send those in Washington a message loud and clear. We are sick and tired of all the government waste and red tapes in Washington. They don’t deserve our hard earned tax dollars.

With all the wasteful spending in Washington and by the Democrats, they truly don’t deserve the taxes that we paying in. There is way too much waste by our government and the Democrats in particular.