In Cycle

Everything happens in cycle!

This winter was one of the coldest I have ever seen in Fargo, North Dakota. I don’t ever remember it being as cold as it was back in February.

Back in February we had what was known as Polar vortex; which came from the Artic. It is an upper level low pressure area lying near one of the earth’s poles. It’s a cold dry air mass of the pole and the warm moist air mass farther south.

The last time there was a polar vortex was first describe as early as 1853.

A deep freeze gripped much of the United States and Canada in late January and February of this year.

This goes to show that things happen in cycles; even the weather.

As cold as this winter was, it put a wrench into the theory of Global Warning. As I said before in my blog on Global Warning, it is something that was made up by Al (I discovered the internet)Gore. There is no such thing as Global Warning. Yet Al Gore and these Leftist crazies would have you believe difference.

I have an invitation to all those who believes in Global Warning. They should had spent January and February up in North Dakota this past winter. Then try to persuade me that, “Oh, it’s all because of global warning.”

I especially invite Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to had spent a month in North Dakota back in February. She wouldn’t survive. She would whine and complain like the rest of us. She is just full of “hot air.” Maybe her “hot air” would had warm things up?

She is so far to the Left and pure crazy. She makes Al Gore seems tame compare to her. She is so out there that she scares me with her stupidity. She may be book smart, but she doesn’t have enough brain to come out of the rain. She is not street smart! If she gets rain on her, she might complain about melting and call it “acid rain.”

You all heard how she wants to ban cow farts. How stupid is that? Does she wants to ban human farts too? She must never been raise on a farm. She doesn’t understand the working of a farm. Cow farts doesn’t hurt the o-zone! Cow manure is actually better fertilizer than all these chemicals, such Round Up. Cow manure is more natural. It doesn’t pollute this planet.

She even worked on a new green deal which didn’t passed in the House and Senate. It either got no votes or presence. The green deal was her baby. It goes to show what those in Washington actually thinks of her and idiotic thinking.

The green deal would hurt the economy. But she just doesn’t get it.

I do agree that we destroying this planet of ours. According to the book of Genesis, we are to be caretaker of this planet. I’m against the Keystone pipeline. But I don’t agree with Miss Cortez.

The last time that we had a real bad winter was in 1996 and 1997. The Spring of ’97 was known as the hundred years flood. We had more snow than this year; but we were much colder this year.

Like I said earlier, I don’t remember it ever being this cold growing up. We had a lot of snow and played outside more than kids do now days. I remember sledding down hills. I remembered building snow forts. School was never called off as much as it is today. Our kids are becoming wimpy; just like Alexandria Cortez. I mean, we were pretty much outside playing the whole day.

Another thing that Cortez wants to do is ban airplanes and automobiles. Yet, she can fly around in her fancy jets. She is not willing to give up things that she feels pollutes this planet. She wants everyone else to do it but not her.

Where Fargo, ND is now, was years ago Lake Agassi. The Red River Valley was formed by glaciers that floated by.

This is a flat terrain and we are likely to flood every year. Like my step-dad would say, “If you build by a river or on an old lake bottom, expect to be flooded out.” This all happens in cycle. This is not global warning!

After the Garrison Diversion was built, Devil’s Lake always had trouble with rising flood water.

We may needs to do something about the diversion here in Fargo. They needs to do it right or they could flood out neighboring small towns and farms.

I’m not disputing the fact the existence of dinosaurs. There is evidence for it. I just don’t believe in evolution. I don’t believe that man came from monkeys. I mean there still are monkeys around; either real ones or humans who acts like monkeys.

I believe the Bible. God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve. He created us to take care of this planet. Yet, we have been destroying this planet piece by piece.

I don’t believe that it has anything do with global warning. I definitely don’t agree with Cortez. She needs to come up to North Dakota especially in the coldest part of winter. I personally invite her up here.

She would whine because it’s too cold. Yet she probably wouldn’t wear the proper winter clothes either. She wouldn’t know how to dress for the freezing cold.

It reminds me when Florida gets down to 30 to 40 degrees during the winter. They would complain how cold it is. Whereas, for us, its a heat wave during the wintertime.

Every few years, the weather happens in cycle. We’ll either have freezing cold winter or lots of snow. North Dakota can be colder than some places in Alaska.

I don’t like the freezing cold, but you have too toughen up if you are going to live up here. You just got to dress for the weather. As the song goes, “If you are going to play in Fargo, you have to have a shovel in the band.”

So to all those who believes in global warning, your theory got holes in it. Just study your history and you will find that everything goes in cycle. There is NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARNING!!