Make your Vote count!



Once again, God bless America!!

It’s great that we live in a country where we have the rights and power to vote.  There are countries where you don’t have a say with what goes on with the leadership. No wonder that people are dying to come to this country.  No wonder they want to come to America.  We have that freedom.

I don’t want to be the kind of person that tells you how to vote.  It just that this election is vital that you get out and vote.  As you can tell from my last 3 blogs, I have been very upset with the Democrat party for what they pulled, and what they are doing to America right now.

If you truly love America, you will do the right thing and vote Republicans.  We must send the Democrats a message from the American people.  The message that we must send is, “We’re fed up with their selfishness.”

Here is a quote from Sen. William L. Marcy, “The politicians of New York are not so fastidious as some gentlemen are, as to disclosing the principles on which they act.  They boldly preach what they practice…If they are defeated, they expect to retire from office.  If they are successful they claim, as a matter of right, they claim, as a matter of wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy.”

Yet the Democrats are not so willing to give up.  They just want to hang on to that power.  They will stop at nothing to do so.  They will even smear a good man’s name.  They will take advantage of anyone they can just to get what they want.

They will not listen to anyone who disagree with them.  They would rather argue or call a person names.  They do not have respect for anyone.

As I had written in my last blog, I had a college professor who was a Democrat and I was a College Republican.  We had respect for each others despite of our political differences.  I looked up to him as a mentor.

The Democrats are so desperate right now that they even become very violent.  They call it protesting.  I call them terrorist.  The Leftist are destroying property and hurting people like terrorist.

This country is so divided right now.  The Leftist Democrats and Leftist media are to blame for it.

The Democrats expect a blue wave this election; so that they can get back the control of either the House or the Senate.  Hopefully, the American people are so upset with them that they send them a message by not voting for them.

Here is a Bible verse from Philippians 2:3, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”

The Leftist Democrats are being very selfish.  They say that they are for the people; but really they are for themselves and the power that goes with being in Washington.

Our forefathers were afraid that this would happen too.. That was why they suggested that they do not make a career of being in Washington.  We need to throw those bums out once and for all.

With these act of terrorism by the Leftist Democrats, it reminds me of the book, “1984.”  In that book, the Government tried to control the people and the media is their police.  The mainstream Leftist media is in the Democrats pockets.

As I said before, I will be voting Republicans.  Believe me, some Republicans leaves a bad taste in my mouth; but they are not as bad as these Leftist Democrats are becoming.

Thanks to the Tea Party movement and the non-establishment candidates, such as Trump, Carson, Rubio, and Cruz, the Republicans has some redeeming quality.

You can’t say that about the Democrats right now!

But don’t just take my words for it.  Do your research.  Get the facts before you vote, that way you will see for yourself.  Don’t just believe me or the mainstream news media.  The information is out there for us to gather.  You can go to Fox news.  You can go to the Drudge Report.  You can even check to see how they voted.

The mainstream news only tells you what they want to tell you.  There is a woman candidate running for Senate in Arizona who is in favor of the Talaban.  Doesn’t she realize that they would prefer woman to keep quiet and have their faces covered?  If they want to go forward, then why do they favored terrorists?

What the world needs now is love.  There is so much hate in this world today.  We are so divided.  The reason for the division is because of the hate by the Leftist movement.

Both John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt would roll over in their graves if they knew how bad the Democrats are becoming.

The Democrats claim that they are for the working class people.  Well they don’t have my back.  They claim that they are for the women.  There are Republican women who disagree.  If they are for the women, they wouldn’t had taken advantage of Christina Ford and made a victim of her all over again.  They claim that they are for the blacks.  Yet the black unemployment is lower than it was under Obama.

The Leftist Democrats is just so desperate to hold on to their power that they will stop at nothing to do so.  They seems to forget what Bill Clinton did while he was President.  They don’t want to recognize all the crimes Hillary Clinton had committed.

So when Election comes in November, let us send a message to these Leftist Democrats.  They want a blue wave, may they not get it.  May they be sent back home packing instead.  Won’t you join me and vote Republicans?  That way America can continue moving forward in making America great again.

Let us love one another and stop the hate that these Leftist is pushing!!  This is my message to the people.  I may have some very upset people out there because of this blog.  Hopefully, the American people will be more upset with them instead.