Heidi Heitkamp vs. Kramer

This year is one of the biggest Senate race in North Dakota between Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and Kevin Kramer.  The last time it was this important was 6 years ago when Heitkamp ran against Republican Rick Berg.

Back then I couldn’t vote for Heitkamp, because I felt that I couldn’t trust her.  I also couldn’t vote for Rick Berg either.  I had nothing against him personally.  I knew him when he started out and back then he was decent person.  What kept me from voting for him was that the power had gone to his head.  So that election, I wrote in my own name for Senate.

When this race begin, I was torn on who to vote for.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp had done some good things as Senator for the state of North Dakota.  She even did good things as Attorney General.  She didn’t always vote straight party line; at least I thought.  When Pres. Trump first became President, he invited her and Kramer in his office for a meeting with talk of a cabinet post.

She went after the sex trade industry.  Which was a good thing, and even Trump sign that bill into law.

She did vote no on Trump’s tax plan, giving the working taxpayers an increase in the take home pay.  That increase led to more jobs and unemployment rate at its lowest, even lower than when Obama was President.

Who doesn’t like less money taken out of their paycheck?  I like seeing a bigger paycheck.  The Democrats don’t though.  It means less for them.

This wasn’t what help me to make my decision about Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.  What put the nails in her coffin was her no vote against Brett Kavenaugh for Supreme Court.  That proved that she is no better than her fellow Democrats.

Her no vote only shown that she don’t care about the North Dakota’s values.  She doesn’t want to be reelected.

I used to have some respect for her; but since that vote, that respect went out the window.

She is a baby killer just like all the Democrats.  With the exception of Sen. Manchin, who voted yes for Kavenaugh.  He was the only Democrats who had courage to stand up to his party and vote for what the people wants.

It goes to show that she didn’t read John F. Kennedy’s book, “Profile in Courage.”  Pres. Kennedy would roll over in his grave if he knew how the Democrats had become.  He was the last great Democrat President; and he would not be accepted by today’s Democrats.

I don’t want to go much with attack on the Democrats with this blog.  I want to save it for next week.  This is more against Heidi Heitkamp.  The baby killer, the liar and the list goes on.  I have no respect for her.  When she said that she will works with anybody; that is a BOLDFACE lie!!

She had lost my vote.  Hopefully, she will lose a lot more votes because of her vote against Kavenaugh.

Does this mean that I will vote for Kevin Kramer?  That is still to be determine.

My big concern about Kramer is that he is a career politician.  Yet the at the same time, I’m so angry with the Democrats and I wants to continue going forward with the Trump agenda.  I may vote for Kramer on that alone.

We need to continue moving forward.  By electing Kevin Kramer for Senate, we can move forward.

I sympathized with the farmers over this trade war that we are in right now.  At the same time, I understand why we are in this trade war.  If the United States was to buckle under pressure and give in to this trade war, it will show weakness.  And by showing weakness, the other countries will walk all over us.  The last time that the United States was strong and a force to be reckon with was when Reagan was President.  No countries dare mess with us.  We need a strong leader to remain strong.  Trump is a strong leader.  He may have a mouth that some people would love to shut up; but I have respect for him because stands his ground.

The Nafta bill that Pres. Clinton signed into law was a disaster.  The reason why the terrorist attack us in 9/11 of 2001, was because they were not afraid of us.  The whole time that Obama was President, the other countries was laughing at us.  The Chinese was slowly buying up United States.  Russian President Putin had no respect for Hillary Clinton.  He had more respect for Trump because he saw him as his equal.

A person needs to stand up for something and for what they believe in.  I’m taking a stand right now and standing up for my principles.  I may get some hate mails because of this week and next week blogs.  Then again, I’m the angry blogger, so be it!

This is only the tip of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.  You better stay tune for next week, when I go full barrow on the Democrats.  Believe me, they will deserve it.

So Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, you might as well pack up, because you are done.  You just kiss this election goodbye.  You have no courage to stand up against your fellow Democrats.  You are a liar, when you say that you will work with anyone.  This overlook the good you had done in Washington; now it’s time that you go home.  You lost my vote and my respect.

I have more respect for Sen. Collins because she did the right thing and voted for Kavenaugh despite receiving death threats.

If you are like me and feels the same way about Heitkamp and Kramer; and do not know who to vote for.  The reason for my picture on the top of this blog, with me wearing my Trump’s shirt.  You can write in my name on election day to vote for me; if you do not feel comfortable enough to vote for Heitkamp or Kramer.  Here is how you spell my name:  Dale Heger.  I won’t forget the North Dakota’s way.  I’m not one of those career politicians either.  I will put the people first.

Stay tune for next week blog, when the Democrats will feel my wrath for what they did.  As it said on that shirt, “There will be Trump Toupee.”  In other words: there will be hell to pay.