Rob Port: Obsessed of Heidi Heitkamp

Mr. Rob Port is a fellow blogger from Minot, North Dakota.  He also has a podcast as well.  Some of his blogs are printed in the editorial of the Fargo Forum.

I don’t know if you read any of his blogs or any of his letters to the editor; or not.  If you had, you might have noticed his obsession with Senator Heidi Heitkamp.  It’s almost like he is stalking her for some reason or another.

I won’t go into too much of my opinion of Heidi Heitkamp in this blog, because I will share that in next week blog.

It seems that he really have it bad for her.  When you read it, it’s never anything good.  He is constantly critical of her.

With his obsession, he should come clean and confess.  Doesn’t he knows that confession is good for the soul?

I mean, I shared my obsession with the book, “1984” awhile back.  I came clean for my readers.  Shouldn’t he do the same?

Rob Port is a conservative like me.  He seems to be a blowhard like Rush Limbaugh and the late Ed Schultz.  Then again, some may say that I can be blowhard at times.

Rob Port wasn’t always a blogger, I bet.  It probably took him awhile to become famous.  It wasn’t until the last few years that we heard of him.

You got to start somewhere though.

I used to once in awhile write letters to the editor; that would be printed after they edit things in the letters.  It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that someone I know revealed to me that I could set up my own blog site; and write on whatever topic I so-choose.  I’m not as famous as Rob Port is right now; but who knows maybe some days I will be once my blogs goes viral.

It’s exciting to see the stats on my blogs.  I bet you that Rob Port felt the same way when he first started out.

I have people reading my blogs from all over the world.

Where we differ, Rob Port is strictly a conservative political blogger; and my topics varied from week to week.  Sometimes, I come across as an angry blogger.

Whereas, Rob Port needs to get his obsession of Heidi Heitkamp under control.  It’s almost scary.  Can he write about anybody or something else?

I usually write about topics that I know something about.  If I don’t know much about something; either I will do research on the subject or don’t write on it until I do.  I was taught one of the key things a writer should do before writing, is that they should at least know a little what they are talking about; just to be believable.

Some of my blogs get to personal for some people.  Yet it seems that when I write more personal blogs, I get more likes or sometimes comments on them.

I hope that some days I too will have what Rob Port has because writing his blogs.  I just wish that he would admit that he is obsessed with Heidi Heitkamp.

If you want to know my opinion of Senator Heidi Heitkamp, you can either read the blog that I wrote on her last year or stay tuned for next week blog.

Next week, I will be writing on the big Senate race between Heitkamp and Kramer.  In that blog I will give you my opinion on who I may or may not vote for in this coming election.

If Rob Port is reading my blogs, I welcome your inputs.  I want to know how you finally became famous with your blogs.  I want to know how long it took.