Sex Scandal: Hazing and abuse

The latest casualty in the lines of sex scandal is local one for North Dakota and happened just this past spring.  Just south of Fargo, in Richland School District to be precise.

If I got my facts straight, the sex scandal involved older boys hazing the younger boys.  The hazing I’m talking about is of the sexual kinds.

I don’t want to downplay this, because it’s still abuse.

Even though the older boys were sexually hazing the younger boys, the faculty, staff, and the school board were being held liable for it.

Now, I don’t think that they may or may not be liable for it.  I don’t think they made the older kids molest the younger kids.  I mean boys will be boys.

Plus, there is ways to keep things hush if they really wanted to.  I don’t believe that you can blame the school board for this, if they, themselves didn’t know about it when it was happening.

If they knew about it and did nothing; then they should be punish and held liable for it.

To me, it sounds like it was more of a sexual hazing, turned into sexual abuse.

It makes me thinks about the hazing that goes on in colleges fraternity.  I don’t know if it’s happen much up here or not though.

Hazing is forcing someone to do what you want just to be accepted into the group.  It can involved different kinds of abuse; even sexual.

I remember reading few years ago a book about sexual hazing in high school hockey.

Hazing is more about bullies taking advantage of the weaker ones.

If there is one thing that the Richland School District needs to take responsibility for is not combating bully.

They should had learned from the Columbine School’s shooting.  The ones doing the shooting were bullied at one time.  They just crack and went on a shooting spree.

Rather than the victims of abuse at the hands of the bullies, becoming violent to take back their lives; they finally came forward and told about the sexual abuse.

My hats goes off to them!!  It’s not easy to come forward and admit being molested.

The Catholic Church had been plague with the sex abuse scandal for a very long time now.  The church knew about it and kept on covering it up.  Priests were molesting the altar boys for a period of times.  They are slowly trying to do the right things now but it may be a little too late.  The sex abuse in the Catholic church may be the downfall of the church.  Even more than when Martin Luther did his reform and formed the Lutheran church.

There was a high school teacher from West Fargo who was recently charged with molesting some of her male students.

If anything the Richland School District is guilty of; it’s trying to cover-up the abuse.  So I’m glad for those boys who came forward and told their stories.  Kids do not needs to be abuse/molested.  They must be able to stay a kid for as long as they possibly can.

When a child is molested, their innocent is lost forever.   They must grow up fast just to cope with the abuse.

Girls are more apt to tell about being abuse.

Boys, on the other hand, finds it very difficult to talk about the abuse.  The statistic may show higher for girls being abuse; but in the long run, there probably just as much boys being abuse than girls.  It’s just tougher for them to come forward.

Boys are taught to be tough and take it like a man.  They are not to cry and show any signs of weakness.  Being molested shows their weakness.

Hazing is used to teach boys/men to toughen it out.

If a boy is molested by either another older boy like in the Richland School District or a man.  There is a shame factor.  There is a stigma behind it.  They are labeled queer, homosexual, faggot, etc.

In the example of the West Fargo School teacher who molested her male students, it’s a whole different story.  If a boy is molested by a woman, they are high-fived.  If they tell about it, they are to take it as their first sexual experience.

What teenage boys didn’t have a crush on their high school teachers?

I’m proud of those young boys who came forward in the Richland School District in the sexual hazing  from the older boys.  It took courage.  I’m even proud of those boys who came forward against the West Fargo school teacher and the abuse they had suffered as well.

Hazing and sexual abuse is not an easy subject to talk about.  It’s even tougher for boys.