John McCain: He was no War Hero!

I was waiting for the right time to write this blog; and now the time had come.  Sen. John McCain had just died of cancer.  It’s now time for the truth to comes out about him.  The media didn’t want to offend him upon his death.  I’m not about to sugarcoat the truth for no one.

Some may say, “why don’t you just let it rest?  He is dead.”

To them, I say, “He doesn’t deserve any respect.”

As Paul Harvey would say, “Now, the rest of the story!”

This past week upon reading the letters to the editor, I saw that I’m not alone in thinking that John McCain was no war hero.

According to one of the letters, the American people should reconsider their praise of him.  In another letter, the writer said that he was no maverick.

They called him a hero just because his plane was shot down over Vietnam and he was a POW.  Do you call that being a war hero?

That is nothing to be proud of!

What was so great about the Vietnam War?  Nothing good came out of it!

I lost my cousin, Joey because of that war.  I was 3 years old when he was killed.  I never had the opportunity to get to know him.  Even his nieces and nephews didn’t get a chance to know him.  From what I heard about my cousin, Joey, he adored his family.

The only thing John McCain adored was the power and money behind being a Senator.

My cousin, Joey was more of a war hero than he was.  Even my Uncle John Heger was more of a war hero than McCain.

My Uncle John was at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attack.  He was just lucky that he wasn’t on the ship that was bombed.

McCain was a war monger.  He proposed going to war with countries we didn’t need to.  Some people were afraid that Trump would get us into a war.  So far, he kept out of a war because the other countries are afraid to attack.  If McCain had his way,  he would had gotten us into wars.

He supported the Nazi in Ukraine, Al-Quaeda in Libya, Isis in Syria and Saddam Hussein in the war against Iran.

When the governor and sheriff from his home state of Arizona was working to stop illegal immigrants from coming into this country through his home state, he called them out on it.  He didn’t back them up.  He joined the side of Obama and the Democrats and criticized them for it.  He was against the wall being built just like George W. Bush and Jeb Bush.

Who needs 9 mansions anyway?  With his 9 mansion, he could housed some of the homeless population.

It was John McCain who made the first attack on Donald Trump.  Trump was only defending himself; which I don’t blame.

The only reason John McCain attack Trump was because he was jealous that Trump was able to do what he couldn’t, and that was become President.  Thank God!!

The only reason he got the nomination was because Rudy Guillani just fizzled out during the primary of 2008.  McCain was about to drop out.

As Guillani was fizzling out, Obama was just getting warm up.  He was beating Hillary Clinton.  I first wanted Guillani because of what he did as Mayor of New York City after 9/11.  When he gave up, Obama promised changed that won this Republican over.

The change came but it wasn’t the change Obama was talking about.  The Tea Party started under George W. Bush and really hit their stride under Obama.

McCain was so angry with the Tea Party.  He even ordered an investigation from the IRS.  The IRS should investigate his estate!

It was the Tea Party movement that started the American people to start a revolt and throw their support to Donald Trump.  McCain didn’t much care for that.

The only reason McCain chose Sara Palin as his running mate was in hoping of winning the women supports from Obama.  When the fake news media attacked Palin, McCain did nothing to protect her.  He left her out to defend herself.  He was not man enough to stand up for her.

I’m not saying that Sara Palin was the right choice.  I’m just saying that she didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was from McCain and the press.

The politicians of New York are not so fastidious as some gentlemen are, as to disclosing the principles on which they act.  They boldly preach what they practice…If they are successful, they claim, as a matter of right, the advantages of success.  They see nothing wrong in the rule that to the victor belong the spoils of the enemy.

John McCain had no principles.  He had no integrity.  He was just in office for himself.  The rest of the American people gets screwed over.  If he had principles, he would had done the right thing and step down when he found out that he was dying of cancer.  He could had used that time to spend with his family in his 9 mansions.

As bad as Harry Reid was, at least he did the right thing when Trump became President, he stepped down.  Even Paul Ryan is stepping down from the Speaker of the House.  McCain should had step down when he knew that he was dying of cancer.

It reminds me of North Dakota own Senator Quentin Burdick.  Toward the end of Burdick’s life, he just became a figurative person to be wheeled around to special meetings.  He was useless.

Because of people like McCain, we needs term limits for our Senators and Congressman.

Here is a little joke:  McCain met St. Peter at the Pearly gate and said, “do you know who I am?  I’m a war hero.”

St. Peter responded, “I know you not.  What have you done for the people is all that matters.”  Then St. Peter send him downward.

Now with John McCain finally gone, there is still others that we need to get rid of.  It’s time for Mitch McConnell to go and he can takes his buddy John Hoeven with him.  We also needs to get rid of Lindsay Graham, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi.

This election, the people in Minnesota needs to do the right thing and get rid of Colin Peterson.

We need to help Pres. Trump to clean up the swamp in Washington, by getting rid of these lifers, and then get term limits.

As you can see I have no respect for John McCain and I know that I’m not alone.  He was no war hero.  He didn’t deserve the praise that he was getting.  The American people needs to reconsider who is a hero and who deserves our praises.  It sure wasn’t John McCain!

I have more respect for Aretha Franklin who died just a little before McCain.  Aretha Franklin will be remembered, McCain will not!