Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  To some people the Mona Lisa painting is very nice.  Yet to some, like me, I can’t see what is so pretty about Mona Lisa.  Just like this tower of cans, to some it may be an eyesore.  I will explain more of it in this blog.

The Fargo Theater is a historical landmark that had been around for over 100 years.  I’m glad that the historical society made it into a landmark and fix it up.  I’ve got fond memories of it.  I remember as a kid from the West Fargo’s school system.  We had season tickets to see matinee movies every Saturday.  I also remember the old popcorn stand that stood outside the theater.  The elderly gentlemen had the best popcorn ever.  You couldn’t get popcorn as good as you did back then.

Fargo had a lot of historical building but most of them were torn down or burned down.

When I went to Indianapolis, I saw that they did lots of works to make used of their historic buildings; instead of tearing them down.

I have to admit, thanks to Doug Burgum, he has been busy restoring these old historic buildings.  That was one of the reason I voted for him to be Governor of North Dakota.

Since they have been at work fixing up downtown Fargo, it starting to look very nice.  Even NDSU had done some great things to spruce up the old historic buildings.         Even though it looking very nice downtown, the cost of living had raised also.  Things are expensive now.  I guess that is the price you get to restore Fargo’s history.

Some buildings shouldn’t be restored though.  The old Cass County Jail and most recently, the old abortion clinic are two prime examples.  They were eyesores.

The old Church United building in Moorhead across from the Moorhead library also needed to be torn down.  But first they needed to find a new home.  There was a big argument on where to put it.  The elites didn’t want Church United at the old Plunketts building.  They felt that it would deterred people coming into Moorhead on the east side.  My question to them: where are you going to put them?

Then again if the elites had their ways, they would also eliminate trailer courts as well.  When I say the elites, I also means the 1% group.  Not everyone can afford a house. They too want to lives the American dreams; so a trailer is the next best thing.

Now to explain that picture at the beginning of this blog.

This is a tower of cans that  stood in Casselton, ND.  It’s a historical landmark.  It’s a part of history, like the buffalo in Jamestown, ND and Paul Bunyun and Babe in Bemidi, MN.

It’s also has a special place in my heart as well.  My Uncle John Heger helped build that tower of cans.

It was torn down in 2012, the same year my mother had passed away.  The elites felt that it was an eyesore, and needed to be torn down.  Not only is it  torn down; but also my mother, her brothers and sisters are all gone now.  It’s just my generation left.  The only memory we have of it is pictures.

Since my grandfather had drank away his money and property, that was the only things that Casselton had to remember the Heger’s family.  We weren’t in politics like the Sinners.  So this hurts to see that the elites only care about themselves.

It’s like the Viking’s ship that is home in Moorhead, MN.  It was built in Hawley.  It should had been returned there after he sailed to Norway.  My great Uncle John Arneson helped build that ship.  Once again memory for my family.

As you have heard in the news lately, the  people are wondering what to do with the old State Hospital in Fergus Falls, MN.  It’s a historical landmark.

The old State Hospital in Jamestown, they turned that into a minimum security.  That was an easy decision.  The one in Fergus Falls is more difficult.

It looks very nice but yet creepy.  The reason for the creepiness was for what it was used for.  I don’t think I need to go into that whole reason because that is a whole different blog.

That State Hospital reminds me of the hotel in the great movie, “Shining”, starring Jack Nichalson.

Fergus Falls isn’t a big city; so they probably cannot afford the upkeeps, compare to say Fargo or some bigger city.

If someone likes Doug Burgum can come up with a plan to save that place; it could become a wonderful tourist site.  It could bring incomes to Fergus Falls and the State of Minnesota.

It’s good to see that finally people are fixing up these old historic building; instead of tearing them down.  At the same times, it hurts that the elite(1%) people are so selfish that they would rather get rid of any eyesores that try to fix them up.

That tower of cans could had been fix up.  It could had been a tourist site.  It was just off the interstate.  Casselton and North Dakota both could had prosper over it.  Then my family legacy could had lived on.