Why Do People Drinks?

There are reasons why people drink.  There are people who shouldn’t drink at all.  I have nothing against having a drink, if you can handle it.

There are people who drinks to have a good time.  They are your social drinkers and they can usually handle their alcohol.

Back in my younger days, I was known as a  party animal.  I could party with the best of them.  I knew where the party was and you can be darn sure you can find me there.  I would drink to have fun.

Those are the kinds of people you wants to be around.  They don’t cause anyone any trouble.

There are people who gets very emotional when they drink and would blurt out, “I love you, man.”  Those kinds of people can make a person rather nervous.

The worst kinds of drinkers are the kind that is looking for trouble.  They are looking to start a fight.  They are willing to kick anybody’s butt.

I don’t like being around those type of people.  They scare the hell out of me.

The best kinds of drinkers are the kind that is only after a good time.  They don’t want to cause anyone any trouble.

Let us get into the reason why people drinks besides to have a good time.

There are people who drinks because of their jobs.  Some jobs are so stressful.  They are upset with their jobs, employers, etc.  I have to admit, working at Kmart the last while, cause me to have a drink after work.  Especially, if I’m not working at the Fargo Dome.  My sanity is kept while I’m working at the Fargo Dome.  Whereas Kmart takes it away.

There are people who drinks after a breakup.  Bartenders are another go to counselor, without the practicing license.  Plus a bartender doesn’t judge you for drinking, like some pastors.

There are people who drinks to cope with things.  Not just with breakup or their jobs.  Sometimes they drinks because of their families, their spouse, coping with depression, dealing with death in the family, etc.  These people are true alcoholics.  They need help.  They are constantly looking for trouble and looking for a fight.  Some will use alcohol as a tool to help them loosen up.

I grew up in an alcoholic home.  My step-dad was big on whiskey and brandy(the hard stuff).  He had issues that he should had dealt with but never did.  It became apparent when he was ordered to quit drinking by my mother.  Before that happened, he got violent and the next day, my mother threatened to file for divorce if he didn’t quit drinking.  He quit drinking but he was still a dry drunk.

I have a brother with mental illness that also drinks very heavily.  Because of his mental illness, he shouldn’t drink at all.  He gets violent and looking for a fight.  At the same time, the people he hangs out with are very much likely to take advantage of his good nature.

The last few years, his drinking had become worst.  It’s like he is drinking to cope with all the deaths in our family.  Every time someone in the family died, he would get drunk to cope.

One Christmas, he got drunk after our one sister died of cancer.  He was so angry with dad.  Alcohol was his go to tool to help him say what he needed to say.  He ruined Christmas that year for the family.  Nobody wanted him around anymore.  He was looking for a fight.

Then after mom died, he drank some more.  When dad died, he even drank more.  When our one brother died about a year after dad died, he came to the funeral drinking.

It’s almost like he is drinking himself to death.  He can’t handle all these deaths.

Some people would say the family should get him treatment.  This is what I say to that.

You can’t force people into treatment.  They’ll go but they won’t get anything out of it.  They can play the game and lie their way through treatment.  That is why I am against court ordering people into treatment.  A person got to want to get the help.

This brother doesn’t see himself having any problems.

I think the reason why my step-dad quit drinking was because he was scared of losing a good thing he had with my mother.  He also knew that my mother could had taken him to the cleaners.  Even though he never got the help.

Some people are too far gone for any help at all.

My grandfather was also an alcoholic.  Just before he was killed by a train, he did quit drinking.  He tried to win back my grandmother, who filed for divorce.  She wouldn’t take him back though.  I think that was why he committed suicide.  He had an ear that he couldn’t hear very well out of and the other ear he had it covered up; so he wouldn’t hear the train coming.

I had an uncle who was a chipped off the old block.  He even had my grandfather’s name.  He passed that alcoholism down to his sons.  Some of them even got into drugs as well.  Some people thinks that his sons were out of line at his funeral when they spoke out against him.  That was their way of dealing with the hurt, that, and drinking.

Some people may think that I have a drinking problem.  Just because I have a drink after work to calms my nerves after a stressful day.

I’m here to tell you, I have no problems drinking at all.  I’m not here to judge those who do have a drinking problem.

Some of these so-called Christians shouldn’t judge people for their drinking.  Instead they should offer a person help and pray for them.

Even Ernest Hemingway had a drinking problem.  He drank while  writing his novels.

I raise my glass to those who can drink to have a good time.  My heart goes out to those who drinks to cope with life.

On a hot summer day, a cold beer taste good.  Put a cold drink in my hands.

If you can handle a drink just by having fun, more power to you.  But if you have a problem with drinking, maybe you shouldn’t do it.  If you are the kind of person that needs a drink to cope with things; and you become a mean drunk because of it.  Maybe you shouldn’t drink at all.  Having a drink after a stressful day at work isn’t bad.  It’s when you abuse it and become totally abusive or is trying to kill yourself with alcohol; that is when it becomes a problem.