Money for Nothing: Part 2

There is a big push right now to raise minimum wage up to $15/hour.  This is a good idea on paper.  There is just a huge problem here.

If the government raise minimum wage, employers will just cut back on help and work with a skeleton crew.  This is what happened in Washington State when they raise minimum wage to $15/hour.

Business owner would rather work with less people and treat the workers they have like slaves.

It’s called greed.  Greed is very much prominent in today’s society right now.  Greed and entitlement are one and the same.

Another thing, you can’t force someone to do things they don’t want to do.  We have what is known as free will.  If you raise minimum wage, you will raise unemployment as well.

The same time, small business owner cannot afford to abide by raising minimum wage.  Big corporation is running them out of business.

The big corporation can afford to give raises but they are succumb to greed, and refuse.

Years ago business owners took better care of their employees.  People had big family and yet was able to survive.  Every year, there would be Christmas bonuses or ham or turkey given.  Now days you be lucky if you still have a job.

Most recently, when the year-end profits were up, thanks to part of the new tax plan.  The only appreciation you got was a piece of paper and a “I appreciate you.”  That is not genuine.

When sales were up for the 4th quarter for Kmart/Sears, the CEO, Eddie Lambert got a nice little bonus; which he doesn’t need.  The workers who help make the sales should got the bonus.

There are other businesses who did the same things.

When Sam Walton was starting out, he didn’t expect Walmart to grow as big as they are right now.  It was his kids who made Walmart the global retail store.  Sam Walton took good care of his employees.  His kids, only looked out for themselves.

Last week I also mentioned people who feels that they are entitled to the government help.  I said that the Government wants to keep them on the system.  There is also people who wants to stay on the system as well.  They want their money for nothing.  They don’t really want to work.  They wants that free money.

What they doesn’t seems to get, us taxpayers are paying for it.

Most recently in the news, Paul Ryan announced that he will not seek another term.  That is good news!  It good to see Pres. Trump cleaning up the swamp in Washington.  When John McCain found out that he had terminal cancer, he should had step down to spend it with his family.  That greed keeps him in the Senate.

Now we just need to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Mitch McConnell, and his buddy, North Dakota own, Senator John Hoeven.  McConnell been in Washington so long that he is out of touch with the American people.  Hoeven only votes with his buddy McConnell.  He doesn’t vote for the people of North Dakota.  His wife, Mikey, said, “You know who I am?”  I have no respect for Hoeven.  His wife is part of that entitlement group.  She wants special treatment, just because she is a Senator’s wife.  I don’t care if some say that he is a Christian.  He is a hypocrite in my book and his wife too.

They needs term limits for our senators and congressmen.  It will take away the power and the entitlement they feel they have.  They don’t make much money otherwise. It’s the payback from big lobbyist that helps them afford more than one mansions in more than one states.

I know that there have to be lobbyist to speak for the American people.  It just that some of these lobbyist are so rich that they can afford to bribe our politicians.  Our politicians are being bought for a price.  There are lobbyist that cannot afford to buy politicians off.  Those are the ones that are being ignored.

According to the Constitution, our politicians were not to make a career out of being Washington.  They were to serve their terms and go back home.  Since they are succumb to greed, they choose to stay in Washington until the people wise up and vote them out.  They are being bought off.

There are people who may hate Pres. Trump because they feels that he represents the rich.  One thing about Trump he doesn’t need to be bought off.  He doesn’t owe anybody.

If we had term limits, those like I mentioned and others like Colin Peterson, term will finally be over.  Yet at the same time, if they limit the bribe that is being taking place by big corporation and oil company.

Because of greed, people can be bought with a price.

This is one of the reason why Ed Shaffer choose not to run for Senate when asked.  Greed affects people moral values.  Politics can be dirty business. Sometimes when you vote, you have to take a shower afterward; because you feel so slimy.  It’s hard for a Christian to be involved in politics.

Back to the idea of raising minimum wage, business owner should be willing to give there employees a decent wage, if they truly appreciate their employees.  There is jobs that do the right things and give better wages.  They can be hard to get though.