Money for Nothing

When you hear someone in a store or gets an invitation to sign up for a credit card to get money back, be careful.  Nothing is free!  There is always a catch.  As I heard a lot growing up, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

When you use that credit card, the interest rate can be very high if you don’t keep up with the payment and overspend on it.  You are paying for that free stuff that they are offering you.

Some people should not have credit cards.  Those who have a gambling problem for example.

What about a reward to those who pays cash for things they buy?  Shouldn’t they be rewarded?

That is what is wrong with the world today!  Everyone feels the need to charge it.  They just whip out the old credit card and pay later.  In the old days, people either saved up for an item they want or they put it on lay away.  I believe this is one of the reason why young people cannot afford to save.  It’s the huge credit card debt that they accumulated. And of course, the credit card company does let them keep on charging, raising their interest rate.

The entitlement believe that they deserve special treatment or financial gain. The entitlement isn’t just the millennium.  They are all kinds of people.  They are even some people older or my age who feels that they are entitled.  Even some foreigners thinks that they are entitled.  So it’s not an age or race thing.  It’s not even the rich thinking they deserve special treatment just because who they are.  Some poor/working class people feels that way also.

The Socialist and the millennium wants free education.  Who will pay for that free education?  Someone got to pay for it.

It’s the taxpayers who will pay for all the free stuff that the government try to sell to the American people.

Believe me, our healthcare through Obamacare isn’t free.  The idea for being penalize for not having insurance proves it.

If you think that the government will help you, I got news for you.

Yet in our selfish culture, the poor are often despised, locked out of equal access and opportunity, and kept poor by the governmental systems that make it more profitable to abandon the family rather than reunite it.

In other words, the government wants to keeps the poor, poor and uneducated.  By doing that they can easily control them by manipulating them.  Hillary Clinton even admitted this herself, when she said that the American people are too stupid to take care of themselves.  They needs the government to do that for them.

She was sure surprised though after the election.  She called us “rednecks”  for voting for Trump.  Well, I may be a redneck, and I’m proud of it.

The government is too big the way they are.  They  don’t needs our tax money.  That is why I’m for less government.

The Democrats and even some of the Established Republicans wants to keep people poor and uneducated.  They wants to keep us under their control.

It’s like before the Revolution War, the King of England wanted to keep the American Colonist under their control by over taxing us.  Well our forefather fought back then.  Luckily, for people like the tea party movement, President Trump, Ben Carson, etc., we the people are fighting back again against the government.

The Dreamers(DACA) are very concerned and upset with Pres. Trump.  They are concerned that they will be sent back.

If they thinks that Hillary Clinton and her fellow Democrats will help them, I got news for them.

All Hillary and her fellow Democrats care about is themselves.  They wants to keep the dreamers poor and uneducated; that way they can be easily controlled by the government.

It’s like in the book, “1984” Big Brother tries to keep the people under control by keeping them uneducated and poor.

I’m not saying that I am a genius, by no mean.  I’m constantly learning throughout my 52 years.

Pres. Reagan took step to nip the problem with DACA in the butt when he was President, in hoping that the government will do the right thing before it got out of hand.

Well, it got out of hands, because the government chose not to do anything about the problems.  That way they can have control over the people, by dumbing us down and keeping us poor.

I’m for living the American dream.  There are people who had overcame and succeeded to live the American dream.  My hat goes off to them.  It goes to show that anybody can live the American dream.  I’m an admire of the Kennedys. They achieved the American dream.  Sure there may have been some illegal stuff.  Even Ben Carson had lived the American dream.  He started out poor but thanks to his mother pushing for him to learn to read he had became a great success.  Even Abe Lincoln, who was self-taught man, is a prime example of someone who can achieve the American dream.

Instead of keeping people on welfare, shouldn’t we do what we can to help them get off the system; so that they too can live the American dream.

Like the old saying, “Buy a man a fish and they’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.”

But the government, not just the Democrats but some of the Republicans as well wants the poor, poor and on the system.  That way they can control them better.  Now that is Socialist at its best.

There is a big division between the 1% and the rest.  The government just doesn’t care.

Stay tune for next week blog, when I write about,  should minimum wage goes up to $15/hour in North Dakota.  There is a big but there!!