Need a good sting: Part 3

Did you know that bee venom counteracts the debilitating symptoms of diseases like multiple sclerosis and arthritis?  When sufferers feel their mobility diminishing, they grab a bee and give themselves a good sting.

No one likes getting stung by a bee!  It’s very painful.

As you can see though a good bee sting can be very helpful.

Two weeks ago I talked about the government getting a much needed sting.  These career politicians doesn’t much care for it either.  They are still fighting it and fighting Pres. Trump.  Even the fake news media don’t like this sting that Trump is giving them.

Then last week I talked about the church as whole needing a good sting.  I mentioned that the Pharisees didn’t much like it when Jesus pointed out their errors to them.  The Catholic Church didn’t much care for what Martin Luther pointed out to either them either.  I’m sure that some of these religious leaders of today didn’t much care for my last week blog either.

The truth hurts!

Well, this week, we as individual needs a good sting to shake us up a little.  We want to live life to the fullness.  We want to have fun with no cost at all.  We all thinks that we are going to live forever.  We don’t want think about dying or getting sick.  I’m no exception!

While we are in our 20’s we want to party and live it up.  I’ve done my share of partying.  We will eat the unhealthiest food.  Lots of junk food!!  We don’t think about getting health insurance, because it’s farthest thing from our minds.  It’s not until we are ready to settle down do we think about health insurance.

My step-dad used to chew Copenhagen.  When he noticed a spot on his lips, it scared him.  That was when he quit chewing cold turkey.  He was afraid of getting cancer of the lips.

I had a health scare few years ago during the summer I was working at Concordia College.  I was at a day labor place when I had a horrible pain in my lower back.  I couldn’t sit or stand still.  So I ended up going to the emergency room; which at the time was downtown.  Since I was not far, I walk there and was glad that there was no train.  I found out while there that I had kidney stones.  The weirdest thing is, just a few short years before that, my sister Barb died of cancer, that was found in her back by her chiropractor. It became a health scare for me and my family.  At first, the thought of cancer came to mind.  After finding out that I had kidney stones, I had cut back on drinking soda pops.  I used to drink quite a bit.  Then I cut back and lost few pounds.

The year that my mother had passed away, I took a trip out West to Washington.  I had flown that time.  I was in a car accident coming down Mount Rainer.  If it wasn’t for the seat belt I was wearing, along with the air bags and my mother’s spirit; I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Now to this day I make sure I put my seat belt on when I get in a car.  I never thought much of this before.

That accident was a wake-up call for me. Just like the first time I discovered I had kidney stones.  It was like a bee sting to shake me up a little.

Believe me, I have been stung by bees more than once in my life.  They are very painful.  They are worst than a needle.

The year I was turning 50  years old, I came to another realization that got me thinking about my health.  You see, my mother was 50 years old when she discovered she had heart trouble.

The wake-up call I had.  The good sting I had was this.  I had an uncle who made it to be 82 years old as of last year. He was my mother’s brother and he outlived his siblings.  I also have an aunt on my real father’s side, Aunt Ida, who is in her 90’s.  I don’t know if she is still alive right now; but that’s beside the points.

Seeing this longevity in my family; even though most had died young, I came to a realization.  It was almost like a good sting; which I very much needed.  I too can live longer than my mother, who was about 72 and my real father, who was 68 when they died.  All I have to do is change my eating habits and start eating healthier. I decided to lose some weight. I started cooking with olive oil, I started drinking less coffee and more tea,  I even cut back on eating bread.  I’m not saying it’s easy to go on this diet, by no mean.  Believe me, I struggle daily.

There’s some people who still doesn’t want to look at the signs and change their diet.  They want to keep on eating the junk.  They figured the doctor will prescribe a pill for them and they will be alright.

My step-dad was on the border of diabetes and he still would eat his candies up until before he died.

I know someone who also is diabetic and is now in assisted living.  He will drinks his diet pop thinking it’s alright.  He would eat junk and sometimes even not take his medications at the proper time.

Few weeks ago, I had another scare.  This time it affected my left knee.  I felt something pop and couldn’t walk.  It was my ligament in the knee that pop.  Luckily it wasn’t too serious.  I was able to see my chiropractor and he was able to help me.  For a few days I had to used a cane that was my step-dad.

I came to a conclusion, I’m much too young to feel that damn old.  So now I’m pushing ever harder to eat healthier.  I’m starting to eat more organic, fruits, vegetables, and now even more salads.

This person I know who now in assisted living, needs to take advantage of his support system.  He needs to set a goal for himself.

I think because I have set goals for myself and have a good support system out there to help, I believe I can do it.  I just need to lean on my support system.  Like I said sticking to a diet and trying to eat healthier isn’t easy.

Like I said earlier in this blog, we all need a good sting to shake us up a little.  Believe me, I had my share of stings.  If you get stung enough time; hopefully eventually you will change your habits and start living right.

It’s all up to you!  You can choose to keep on doing what you are doing and hope that a doctor can cure you or you can change your habits.  So far, I’m healthy and I want to keep it that way.

It’s not  just diet that will give us a good sting.  It can be anything.

Sometimes when people comes to accept the Lord, they are at their lowest.  They feel that they can’t handle it anymore so they either commit suicide or they find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

My question to you?  Do you need a good sting?  Do you need a little shake up?  Do you want to change your ways and start living and eating right?

It’s up to you!!  No one else can make that decision for you.  No one can make you eat healthy.  No one can change your life spiritually.  No one can make you give up your bad habits.  It’s your choice!!

I don’t want to get religious with this blog.  I just hope that if this blog speak to anyone that you will come to your own decision of starting to live right and eat healthy before it’s too late.

Not easy to do it alone.  Take my words for it.  I’m glad for my support system.  That is why there is support groups out there to help you with whatever you need help with.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the support that is out there.