Sex for Hire

One of the biggest money making business out there is sex trafficking.  It is also illegal and very dangerous.

Sex trafficking is highly profitable and usually where the most money can be made.

When the oil boom hit the western part of North Dakota, so did sex trafficking came in rapidly.

Most recently, when the Super Bowl was played in Minneapolis, MN, sex trafficking also became very prominent there as well.

There is also sex trafficking from other countries.  People are selling themselves just to get a chance to come to the United States.  Even children are victims of sex trafficking; not just here in this country but also abroad.

Amsterdam is one of the biggest European city that really profit from sex trafficking.  Even the Philippine, been know to be apart of the sex trafficking industry.

Now churches are finally getting involved to combat sex trafficking in other countries.  The missionaries are fighting hard against it.  Some are even being killed or tortured because they are hurting their prime source of money.

Children are being sold for sex!  So it’s not just women!

Men can order themselves a bride from other countries on the internet, if they want.  I had women from Russia who would e-mail me, pleading for me to pay for their way into this country.

Even Craig’s list can be used for sex trafficking.

These strip joints out there is just a cover for sex trafficking.  I won’t name them but I’m sure you know who they are.

Whatever your liking it’s out there.  Whatever you prefer, you can find it for a price.

If you like bondage sex, that too is out there.  I won’t go into that because that is a whole different subject.

Some may be surprised that even Fargo, ND has their share of sex trafficking.  Whatever you are into, it’s there.

I remember when I was home sick the time I worked at Concordia College.  I happened to have a talk show on and I noticed them talking about the sex trafficking even in Fargo.  I even found out for those who are into it. there is even young male prostitute selling themselves, to either men or women.

Sometimes when teenagers, both girls and boys run away to bigger city or Hollywood, they will end up selling themselves on the streets just to make money to survive.

Sometimes when the parents had thrown them out and for them to survive, they have to sell themselves.  Some of them were abused at home; so they don’t know any other ways to survive.

When I was a teenager, I would hear stories how people from the Twin City would come up to Fargo and West Acres looking for young teenagers to take back with them.  The advise, I would get was to never go to the bathroom alone.  go with the person you are with and wait outside the bathroom until both are done.

This is why I had a hard time thinking why the Jacob Wetteling  kidnapper  only took Jacob and left witnesses.

Even these child beauty pageant is a form of sex trafficking.  These dirty old men uses them to see what they can get for their pleasures.  Any parents who pushes their kids into the beauty pageant is unfit and abusive as a parent.  They are just as guilty in sex trafficking.

Brooke Shield, herself, said that she regret the route that her mother took for her to become famous.  She admitted that what she went through was a form of sex trafficking.  She would never do that to her kids.

Many young Hollywood stars were used sexually either on the set or by their agents.

Sex trafficking is a dangerous business.  It ruins many young lives.  Some of them would even wind up dead because of an abusive partner.  Many will get AIDS or other sexual transmitted diseases out there.

It’s not just big in this country. It is also a big business in other countries as well.  Countries that is so poor, the sex trafficker will take advantage of these young people to get them to come to the United States.

The big question is: how do we stop it?  How do we protect those caught up in sex trafficking, women, men, young boys, and young girls?

The police has police sting to do what they can, but that only hit a minor part of it.

As I said earlier, the church is finally trying to fight against sex trafficking in other countries.  The bad part is missionaries are either being killed or tortured because of their involvement.  The reason is because they are cutting into the big business of sex trafficking.

Whatever your preference, it’s out there.  It’s not hard to find, if you really want it.

I could go on but I will leave some for another blog.

All I will say is we must end this dirty business of sex trafficking.  We must save our young people from being force to sell themselves, by using their body as a sexual tool.

I wrote a short story on this years ago.  Maybe I will print it for a blog if you guys are interested.