We didn’t start the fire

I know that the title is from a great Billy Joe’s song; and a great singer he is.  This title of that song just fit so nicely for this blog on the tension in America.

Let me just say this right off the bat.  Pres. Trump isn’t responsible for all the tension in America.  Even though, the Democrats and fake news media tell you different.  Whatever you do, don’t believe a word they tell you.  Take it with a grain of salt!

The fire been brewing for some times now.  The American people had been very upset with the Government for a very long time.  They have been upset with the fake news media for almost as long.

I remember growing up and my step-dad would say at the supper table, “One of these days, the American people is going to be so upset with the Federal Government that they will start an uprising against them.”  Well look like the time is now!

The Tea Party movement had started during Pres. George W. Bush’s terms in office.  He was part of the establishment that the American people was so upset with.  Even though, he was a Republican, he was being more like a Democrat. He may claimed to be a Reagan Republican; but say that is a big fat lie.  I’m more of a Reagan Republican that he ever was.

He did a lot of wasteful spending when he was President.  The way he handled the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, he made that war into another Vietnam.

There is a lot of racial tension in America but Trump is not too blame for that either.  The blame goes to Pres. Obama.  I won’t say too much on that, because I will save it for part 3.  All I will say is this, There had been more racial tension under Obama then any other President.

Sure, there have the rising of Neo-Nazi since Trump first ran for President.  It’s only because he says what the American people are thinking.  Trump only tells like it is and the people are so upset with him.  They must be upset with themselves then as well; they just won’t admit it.

All these sexual harassment scandal, Trump is not to blame for that either.

First of all, ever since Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy, had died; that is when all this sexual harassment went down.

I mean, if Hillary Clinton was elected president, would we have this sexual harassment scandal.  I say, “Hell no, we wouldn’t!!”

How quickly Hillary Clinton and the fake news media forget what happen when Bill Clinton was president?  Remember, his nickname was/is slick Willy.

I’m going to remind you all what Slick Willy did when he was President.  First of all look at all the women he had an affair with Hillary just stood by his side.  He done it with Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and many others.  Then he lied about it!  What did Hillary do?  She never stood by those women.  She made them out to be liars.

What about Congressman Weiner and his sex scandal?  Hillary called those women who accused both Bill Clinton and Weiner as downright liars.  You women wanted Hillary and thinks that she will back you up in the sexual harassment scandal?  Think again before you get angry at Trump!

Oprah Winphry and the press thinks they are getting a bad rap right now.  The American people is only seeing the press for what they are.  They have no integrity and they do not report the news fairly.  They are very bias.

They attack Trump but not once did they went after Hillary Clinton for all of her crimes.  Trump saw it and he let them have it. All they do now is cry, “Woe is me. Trump is just a big bully.”

If the press would do their job fairly like they are suppose to, Trump wouldn’t have to go after them. Also maybe the American people will believe them.

As I said in previous blogs, the reporters is suppose to stick to the facts and ask the 5 w’s., and they are not suppose to be bias.  The last great news reporter with actual integrity was Walter Cronkite.

The Washington Post and New York Time is the most Liberal newspaper out there.

President Trump is doing what the American people elected him to do.  He is at work cleaning up the swamp in Washington.  He had done more good things as President in his first year than any other President since Ronald Reagan.  The press didn’t like Reagan either.

Keep up the good work, Pres. Trump!  Clean up that swamp in Washington!  The time is now for term limits for our Senators and Congressman.  If you have been office for more than 2 terms step down and go back home and live with what you did.  I don’t believe that they are in it for the money as they are for the power that comes with being in office.  Since being in office, they have more than one mansions.  They forget about the American people.  Well, the American people is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  That is why Trump was elected.  He is only saying what we don’t have the guts to say.

Stay tune for next week continue saga.  As Paul Harvey would say, “Stay tune for the rest of the story next week.”  There we will continue the racial tension as we go after Pres. Obama.  This will all be in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.