Year in Review

Happy New Year to all my readers out there!!

This will be the first of a 3 part blog.  This one I will review how well I think Pres. Trump is doing for his first year in office.

This has been a rather busy year for Pres. Trump and for the fake news media.

The Democrats and the fake news media had been looking for ways to get Trump impeach by crying foul.  They kept saying that Russia was somehow involved in our election process; which cause Trump to get elected.

Remember, before the election, the Democrats would say that the election isn’t fix.  They sure sang a different tune since Hillary Clinton loss though.  Now they are whining and grasping at straws.

You can’t tell me that the Russian were behind the election?  Like they are trying to sell me ocean front property in Arizona, I don’t buy it.  The Russians don’t have that much power to influence our election process.

Trump won because the American people saw right through crooked Hillary lies.  They didn’t fall for the fake news media like they expected.  The American people was fed up with our government.  They wanted the swamp in Washington clean up.  They felt that Trump was the person to do it.

Since Trump been elected President, there had been many others Trump-like characters running for office in this country and abroad.  Some had failed but some had succeeded.

Pres. Trump kept us out of war so far by standing his guard against North Korea.  Since he stood his ground, the dictator felt that they better not mess with the United States because Trump meant business.  Even the terrorist didn’t dare mess with Trump.  Isis is slowing being eliminated because of Trump strong stance.

They tried to eliminate Obamacare but that kind of failed.  I thought it would; because messing with Obamacare is like cutting wire on a bomb.  If you cut the wrong wire, it could blow up prematurely.

Pres. Trump, along with the House and Senate did pass a new tax bill.  Who is lying here?  The Democrats and fake news media says one thing and the Republican says the opposite.  We’ll find out next year when it takes affect, how good it really is.

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp voted against it.  What was her reason?  As I said in earlier, I admired Heitkamp because she vote with her conscious.  Did she see something in the bill that we don’t know about or was she pressured by her fellow Democrats?

Washington was in a middle of a big clean-up due to the sexual harassment scandal.  I won’t go too much into that until next week blog on tension in America.  All I will say is, the swamp is slowly being cleaned up; but not as we expected.

We had people in Washington who had step down in both party.  We just need to get rid of Mitch McConnell.  He need to step down and retire.  When he goes, maybe we can also get rid of his buddy Sen. John Hoeven as well.

We also need to get rid of Paul Ryan.  And while we are at it wipe that smug look off his ugly face.

God may be getting rid of Sen. John McCain for us.  He got brain cancer.  I don’t wish anyone ill, especially him but he needs to go as well as McConnell.  I agree with Trump, he is no war hero.  He is a loser and a liar.

For 2018, Pres. Trump still have a lot of works he wants to do to make America great again.  He still wants to build a wall between United States and Mexico.  He also wants term limits for our congressman and senators.  We need that badly.  We need to cut government waste.

Pres. Trump been good to me this past year.  Since he was President, my investments been doing very well.  It wouldn’t done good under Hillary Clinton.  Since I started my blog, I had achieved over 1300 viewers. (thank you)

Trump been good to others as well.  He made Megan Kelly famous.  He gave the fake news media something to complain about.

He just need to keep his promise to have Hillary Clinton investigated and lock up in prison.

So far I’m very please with the job that Trump is doing as President.  I would vote for him again. I was scared of him at first but this country needs someone like him to make America great again.

So to all you Trump-hater and whiner out there (pardon my French here), in the words of Blake Shelton, “You can kiss my country ass!”

Once again Happy New Year to you all!!  May you continue reading my blogs in 2018.  As long as I have things to say, I will keep on writing them.

Stay tune for part 2 next week as I talked about all the tension in America; which led to Trump getting elected President.

So let’s make America great again!!!