Never on a Sunday

I could remember when stores were closed on Sunday in Fargo, ND.  People would flock over into Moorhead to shop on Sunday.  That was one of the reason Kmart opened their Moorhead store, just so they can be open on Sunday.

Then when the state legislator passed a bill to overturn the blue law and allow stores to be open on Sunday.  At the time, I could see the business point of view; which made sense.  I’m just going to show the downfall of being open on Sunday.

In the light of this, they want to have business open earlier on Sunday; rather than at noon.  I think that would be a very bad idea.

When North Dakota allowed stores to be opened on Sunday, there was a lot of damage done.

One of the damage involved Moorhead, MN; but I will explain that one in next week blog.  The part 2 of this blog, titled, “Tales of Two Cities”; so stay tuned.

I think but I can’t prove it.  When stores were allowed to be open on Sunday, it gave more part-time opening.  Businesses were able to hire more part time, so that can avoid paying out benefits to their employees.

I don’t ever remember my folks working 2 jobs as us kids were growing up.  They both had a full time job with benefits and raised a big family.

As I said before, Paul Harvey said before he died, “North Dakota is the only state that people have to work 2-3 jobs to raise a family.”

They said that North Dakota is a good place to raise a family.  I like to know how?  Who is raising the kids if both parents are working around the clock to make ends meet?

As I said before from a business point of view it makes sense if they are to make a profit. It even makes sense from the state’s perspective, because they are able to get revenue from sales on Sunday, that they lost to Minnesota before that.

There was more full time help years ago than there is now.  Business would rather hire part time; so that they wouldn’t have to pay the benefits.  They can get away with it, because it is easier to distributed part time help hours than full time.

It’s not right but there is nothing to do about it.  If you regulate businesses, you would own hurt yourself.  It’s like, if you ordered businesses to raise minimum wage, they’ll do it but they will cut down on help, and only have skeleton crew to work with.  The people they have they will work likes slaves.  That is no way to run a business!  They got to make a profit also.  Business owner have to see for themselves that they need to raise better wages and good benefits.

Another thing, family would sit down together and eat supper.  Now everyone is just way too busy for that contact.  Parents are working 2-3 jobs.  If there are teenagers, there is a bunch of after school activity that they are involved in.  How can parents know what their kids are doing if they are not around?

With being open on Sunday, it also affect church attendance.  Less people are going to church, because either they have to work or they choose to play on Sunday rather goes to church.  This is not the only reason church attendance is down though.

Sometimes employers will pay a little extra to get people to work on Sunday.

In the past weekends was a much needed break from working the salt mine.  Weekends is Saturday and Sunday.  But because of being open on Sunday, weekends is pretty much lost.  You get a day or 2 days off during the week but usually not together.  It is just hard to do anything or even have a life.  Weekends is made to have a life outside your job.  The only people able to get weekends off is the higher up people.

I had a job that I worked every weekends and my days off was Tuesday and Thursday.

No wonder people don’t have the time to shop anymore.  No wonder people have to go on-line and shop at

Now that businesses are open on Sunday, we even lose holidays that people used to have off.  Businesses used to be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, Easter, etc.  They would even close earlier on Christmas Eve.  Now all that had change because of being open on Sunday.

I can mention more on management treatment, but I will mention it in another blog.  Come back next week and see how it hurt Moorhead when businesses were allowed be open on Sunday.


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