Will the Minnesota Vikings win the Super Bowl? (ha, ha)

To all you loyal fans of the Vikings I feel sorry for you.  I don’t feel sorry for this blog that I’m writing.  I feel sorry that you keep rooting for a team that keeps on cracking under pressure.  I know that somebody got to root for them.  I just feel sorry that it’s you!

The only way the Minnesota Vikings can ever win a Super Bowl is either cheat like the New England Patriots did with the deflated football.  They should had given up championship as their punishment.  They didn’t deserve to win or even be in the super bowl that year.

It seems when the pressure is on Vikings, they end up cracking under pressure.  Then when they lose they blame the coach.  It’s not the coaches fault!

They have been to 4 Super Bowl and lost all 4.  The only other team that done that was the Buffalo Bills.  Denver Broncos also did it.  Then when they returned to the Super Bowl for John Elway swan song and their 5th time in the Super Bowl, they won.  Congratulation!!

I’m not a sport fanatic like some are, but I do watch the Super Bowl and keeps a little up with it.

When I was younger I would route for the Vikings because they were the local team.  I just got so frustrated with them losing and cracking all the time that I just gave up on them.

I mean you can only stay loyal to someone or something so before you just want to give up on them.  It’s not good to remain frustrated on something or someone all the time.  Sometimes it is best to cut your losses.  That is what I did with the Vikings.  There are times I get frustrated with certain people or even my family or my job.  To remain healthy, you have to cut your losses.

There is one team I dislike more than the Vikings and that is the Detroit Lions.  When the Detroit Lions beats the Vikings; something is definitely not right.

The Vikings may had won their first game of the season against the New Orleans Saint.  They may win more.  They will crack in the end.  Matter of fact, they lost against the Pittsburg Steelers in today’s game.

Few years ago there was a debate about building the Vikings a new stadium.  I felt that they do not deserve one.  They have to earn it by at least showing their fans that they can be a team to reckon with.  If I was the governor of Minnesota, I would told them, “if you want a new stadium, you must earn it by showing that you really deserve it.”  But Governor Dayton allowed them to build a new stadium with the taxpayers help.  You know, you Minnesota’s taxpayers and loyal Vikings fans, you are overpaying for a team that keeps cracking under pressure and losing.  Not only do you pay in taxes.  You also pay parking fees, pay for the tickets, pay outrageous concession prices, etc.

Minnesota has other teams that they can route for.  Teams that played so much better than the Vikings.  I mean, The Twins had been to the World series and won.  They even put on a good fight this year toward putting them in the wild card race.  The Minnesota Wilds also done very well.  I can’t say the same about the Timberwolves but I can say that they haven’t frustrated me like the Vikings had either.

I used to not think much of the Dallas Cowboys either.  I thought the only good things about them was their sexy cheerleaders and the  television show, “Dallas.”  But the Cowboys had won me over with great football playing.

I will route for the Green Bay Packers before I route for the Vikings again.  At lease they had won Super Bowls, and so far without cheating, like the Patriots.

Up in North Dakota, half route for the Packers and half route for the Vikings.  If you go down to Minneapolis, you better be a loyal Vikings fans.  If you route for the Packers, you’re in big trouble.  I know when I travel through Wisconsin with people from Minneapolis on the way to Indianapolis. I made a comment on how beautiful Wisconsin was.  Believe me, that was a big mistake!

So to all you frustrated Vikings fans, why don’t you just let them go.  You can route for the Green Bay Packers.  You can route for NDSU Bison.  You can even route for Philadelphia Eagles, where the Bison own, Carson Wentz is the quarterback now.

Maybe the Bison can teach the Vikings on how to win.   Ya right!!

My new team to route for is the Seattle Seahawks.  These are the reasons.  One, they have won the Super Bowl the first time in.  Which was very amazing!!  I guess, you can say, I got family out there in Seattle and Washington State.  So I can be loyal to them.

So I’m sorry for you Vikings fans.  Not for this blog but that you choose to be loyal to the Vikings despite of them losing and cracking under pressure all the time.

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