Summer Vacation

It’s that time of year again.  The time when people takes vacation.  I will be going on vacation this coming week.  So next week there will not be a blog.  I promise you this though, I will let you know how my vacation went when I return in 2 weeks with a whole new blog.

I’m going out West this week and I’m taking a train.  I’m traveling to Washington State to visit cousins and my only uncle still alive. He is going to be 82 next month.  He outlived his brothers and sisters.  He is my mother’s brother.  I’ll be there a week.  I leave the night of July 24/the morning of Tuesday, July 25.

You may wonder why I’m taking the train.  Why not fly?  In this blog I’ll tell you why.

It’s not that I can’t afford to fly or don’t like flying.  I’m a rewards programs through Amtrak.  When I finally earned enough points, I can eventually earn a free train ride.  On my bucket list before I die and when I retire I would love to take that famous train ride between Seattle to LA.

Even though flying is quicker, as Ray Stevens would sing about, “The Sky is not Friendly anymore.”  You can thank former President George W. Bush for that.  Remember, I didn’t vote for him in 2000, and I truly didn’t wanted him in 2004.

One of problems with flying is: you are limited what you can or cannot bring on the plane.  If you have extra baggage, you are paying for it.

I’m taking a suitcase and 2 small carry-on, on the train. One bag I can put with my suitcase as I board.  The other, which I will have a change of clothes and snack, I will carry on and up to my seat.  That way I can limit my spending on meals.

Another problem with flying is being constantly molested at the boarding gate.  It’s almost like they like molesting us.

Flying had become a contact sport, all because of Pres. George W. Bush.  He don’t have to be molested because he has his own plane; so he don’t care that we, the American people are being molested.

The reason I will not take the Greyhound is because:  even though it may be cheaper; it will take longer and is very uncomfortable to sleep.

I don’t have a sleeper, but I can still sleep and I will have a chance to see America.  There is so much to see in this country.  Shouldn’t we take advantage of that?

The meal may be expensive but at least you can bring snacks along with any Government regulations.

There is one thing that I hope Pres. Trump doesn’t do.  I hope he doesn’t try to cut into train traveling.  How will everyday people travel and see America  if that happen?  Not everybody can afford to fly!  No one likes to be molested.  That would happed if you fly or take the bus.  I’ll explain that later.

Not that I can’t afford to fly.  I don’t want to come across as being a bigot.  It just that people who fly are just too busy to stop and smell the roses.  I met some nice people when I flown the last time, and had a layover in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was able to get someone to take my picture of me standing at the window of the airport, where you can see the mountain in the background.  They were helpful in getting through the big airports.  When I had a long layover in Salt Lake City, I ate at Popeye Chicken for the first time, and really enjoyed it.  So I was happy to get a Popeye in Fargo.

I took the bus for a short distant, so I know how uncomfortable they can be.  One time I was returning from the Minneapolis, after a group went to Indianapolis for work & witness.  It was night and very noisy and uncomfortable to sleep.  They make more stop than a train.

The people who rides a bus are the type that you do not want to get to know.  I would call them shady characters.  You would worry about being molested or killed on a bus by a complete stranger.

Believe me, I’m an extrovert.  I can be very friendly.  But riding a bus, I rather stick to myself.  It’s safer that way.

Some of you may ask, isn’t train uncomfortable?  No, there not!  Even the click-clack is hardly noticeable.

The type of people who rides the train is the type you want to get to know because they are very interesting.  These type of people are taking the time to smell the roses and see America.

I met quite a few interesting people on the train the last time I road.  I met family that wanted their kids to enjoy their vacation.  They couldn’t do that on a plane or a bus.

I met young college students who road the train just so they can see America.  They took lots of pictures and I bet they even wrote about it in their blog.

To some the train is very noisy.  Once again, not when you are riding it.

I plan in having a good vacation this coming week.  It will be about 2 weeks I will return with a new blog.  I’ll be back next week just in time to work the Bruno Mars concert at the Fargo Dome.  I will probably write about my vacation for that blog.  It will be my version of Travel with Charley, a book by John Steinbeck.  I may even write about Bruno Mars concert then too.

Have a nice summer and see you in 2 weeks.  Keep on reading my blogs.  I appreciate you all.  Don’t be afraid to subscribe!

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