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As promised, I’m back from my trip 2 weeks ago.  It’s good to see that many had join in reading my blogs.  I hope that you will not be disappointed.

As I had promised in my last blog, I would give you an update to my vacation in my next blog.  So here is my version of Travel with Charley, without Charley though.

Travel with Charley is by my favorite author, John Steinbeck.  He wrote about the American dream during the depression era.  Some may say he was a little depressing.  I will say this, he may had been depressing, but so was the time he was writing in.  He didn’t sugarcoat it.  He wrote as he saw it.  You can say that is the kind of writer I am.

I don’t want to go too far into this because that is a different blog altogether.  So I will get strait to my travels.

As I said in the last blog I took a train out West and the reasons for it.  I told you the down of flying and taking the bus.  When I boarded the train on Tuesday, July 25, the train was filled.  Even though it was full, we weren’t pack in like sardines.  You were still comfortable.  You wouldn’t been comfortable on a plane if they full.  You would be pack in like sardines.  The same goes with being on a bus.  That is another reason against flying.

As I said, taking a train is a way to see America and see what this beautiful country has to offer.

You can bring your own snacks on the train.  You are not regulated what you can or cannot bring like you are when you fly. I brought snacks with me and mainly eat one good expensive meal on the train, that is supper(dinner).  But here is the surprise part that I didn’t expect.  While on the train, they offer to those who wasn’t going to the dining car to eat but rather stay in their seat; they offer for lunch, BLT slider, chips, bottle water, and a cookie for $10.  A very good offer I couldn’t refuse.  They even made an offer for a chicken dinner for $12.  Now that is cheaper than eating in the dining car.

Taking the train, you got a chance to see the Glacier National Park as they goes by it.  The Glacier is so beautiful.  There is history behind it as well.  We even saw the Cascades in Washington State.  That is also very beautiful.

Did you know that the longest tunnel in North America is in the Cascades?  I learned that while on the train from a tour guide.

Would you have known that while flying or even taking a bus?

While riding the train you finds a lot of interesting person who you will enjoy getting to know.  Everyday folks, like you and I.

There was a family who sat behind me.  It was their sons first time on a train.  These boys made a fort in their seat to help past the time.  Seeing that, it brought back memory when I had forts as a child.  One fort was an igloo that my step-brother, Ronny made for us younger kids.  Another fort was when my sister, Shirley and I made in the bedroom in the trailer house we lived in, in West Fargo.

There was a group of Hittites on the train, heading to the Glacier for a tour.  There was even 2 young men on the train that were heading to Glacier to do some hiking in that area.  To me that is way better than playing these video or computer games.  More young people should take advantage of the opportunity and do something like that.  Just put away those computer/video games and see America.  There is so much to see in this great country of ours.

The train depot in Seattle is a historical building that is just amazing site.  You got to see it.  The train goes by the ocean and what a site to see.  You can see ferry either coming in or taking off.  There is even an old ship dock on shore.  You can’t ride it anymore but it’s still great to see.

Seeing that train depot in Seattle, reminds me of the time I went to Indianapolis in 2001.  That city had bunch of historical buildings that was fixed up.  Instead of destroying, why not restore!  There is history in this country.  And I love history!

While out West in Washington State, I visited with cousins of mine.  I also visited with my only uncle left on both side of my family.  I saw a cousin that been years since I saw last.  The last time I saw her was in the summer of ’86.  I even saw her son again, and boy has he grown.  When I saw him the last time, he was just a kid.  Now he is very tall, one cousin may say, “A wall was put in front of us.”  I took pictures and pictures were shared.

My cousin, Tony has this amazing garden that I help with.  His beans were higher than the beans we grew on the farm.  He had black raspberry that was to die for, sweet and juicy.  You can see Mount Rainier from his garden.  What a beautiful site.  There was still snow on top.

Mount Rainier is very beautiful.  Even though I had a bad experience with that mountain up close and personal.  I wrote about that in previous blog.  I’ve been up in Mount Rainier then when I was in a car accident.  That been 5 years ago.

Do you know that they do a lot of recycling in Washington?

The reason my cousin, Tony’s garden was so nice was because he used mote, natural fertilizer.  So much healthier!

Do you also know that in the state of Washington there is now a law for distracted driver?  If a person is caught texting or talking on a cell phone while driving, you will get a hefty fine.  It also drinking and eating while driving but that isn’t much of a distraction as being on the phone.  I could go with that but I won’t because that is a different blog.

I didn’t see it this time; but I have been on the floating bridge going into Seattle.  I even have seen Seattle tallest landmark that is just amazing.  I’ve seen and been up it back in ’86.

The trip was wonderful.  I got back on Thursday, Aug. 3.  then on Friday, Aug. 4 I was working at the Fargo Dome for the Bruno Mars concert.  The concert wasn’t bad.  How I would describe Bruno is this:  He is more of an entertainer than a singer.  Don’t get me wrong he got some good songs.  He can entertain and he can dance.  I probably talk more about Bruno Mars next week.

Some may say that I am a world traveler; and that is fine with me.  When I retire I would love to see more of America.  There is so much to see.  I would even love to see Haiti, Germany, England, etc.

I have been other places that some was good and some not so good.  I’ve been as far south as Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas.  That city is amazing.  Not like Indianapolis though.  I’ve seen where Royals and the Chiefs play their games.  I’ve also seen the old RCA Dome in Indianapolis, before it was torn down and a new one was built.  I’ve seen the Rocky Mountain and not just at Glacier.

It was the summer of ’75 and the family was driving out West.  We went up and around the Rockies.  It was scary but amazing.  It was only a 2-lane road.  You didn’t want to look down.

I’ve been up to Canada and at the Lake of the Woods.  I’ve been to Duluth, MN.

You may not know this but there is awesome site to see in boring North Dakota.  I’ve been to Fort Lincoln in Mandan.  Then this past 4th of July I’ve been to Fort Abercrombie, just south of Fargo, ND.

There is so much to see in this country.  Why not take advantage of it? I’ve been around Chicago and you can have it.  Wisconsin is a very pretty state.  Sorry Vikings fans!!!

Never been to California but love to go.  As I mention last week, I’ve been to the airport in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Hate to say this but I would love to see New York just to say that I’ve seen it; but that’s all.

I could go on with this seeing America blog but I won’t.  If you ever get a chance to see America take it while you can.  While you are at it, if you have the time, take the train doing it.


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