Momma likes the Roses

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there.  Not all mothers are the same but all needs to recognize and cheered.

My mother been gone for 5 years now but her memory lives on.  She may gave birth to one child but she raised 7 kids plus nieces and nephews.

Before I was born, the doctor told my mother that she couldn’t have any kids; then I came along.

My mother started out as a single mother.  So when Vice-President Dan Quail attacked Murphy Brown for being a single mother, I go on  the defensive.  My mother never married my real father.  Even if she did, it wouldn’t last, because he cheated on her.  She never went on welfare.  There was time that she worked 2 jobs to take care of me.  Luckily my grandmother lived with us to help take care of me.

My hat goes off to all those single mothers out there.  You got it very hard.  You have to be a mother and a father.  It’s hard to work and raise a family.  So Dan Quail, you were such an idiot.  No wonder the first George Bush lost his reelection.  He never stood a chance.  With Dan Quail as his Vice-President, Bill Clinton, and crazy as a fox, Ross Perot.  Bill Clinton was the better of 3 evil.  I mean the old joke back then was, “The CIA had order to shoot to kill Quail if anything happen to Bush.”

Now back to my tribute to mothers.

My mothers made sure that us kids never went without.  There was a time, I crawled up into her bed and bit her in the ass, only for attention, because I hadn’t seen her for a long time.

When I had my eye surgery, my mother was there pretty much the whole time.  She told me later that I told her to go home and all she did was went for a drive.

So when she had her stroke and was in Sanford on Broadway.  It was a Friday night during ribfest at the Fargo Dome and Montgomery Gentry was performing. After work, I walked over to Sanford to sleep in her hospital room to be there for her like she was always there for me.

A mother loves unconditionally all her children.  She loves like God loves us, unconditionally.  Believe me, there are members in my family that are not easy to love either.  My mother even loved all her grandkids and great-grandkids.  Some probably more than others but only reasons that she could explain.

When my step-dad proposed to my mother, he was only going to bring 2 kids to live with us.  Two was of age and they didn’t really count.  Now my mother told him all of the kids or no marriage.  That was how much the family meant to her.

Even before my mother had me, she was an aunt first and some of nieces and nephews thought of her as mother.  One even called her mother.  When the doctor told her sister, Rosella that Tony would never walk.  It was my mother who never gave up on him and got him to walk.  He beats the odds.

My mother wanted to be a nurse but could never lived her dream because she had to drop out of school to help raise her younger sister, Joanne.  She even had dream of me being a lawyer. For some reason, I don’t know why.

Even when I went to school to become a Chef, I have to admit, I learned more about cooking from my mother.  When she died, it was me to pick up the gauntlet to make her famous baked beans for dad for Christmas.

When I went out West 2 years ago on train to celebrate her brother, Leo’s 80th birthday and my 50th, I took the train.  Believe I could feel her presence sitting beside me on the train.  She would had loved to went along.  family meant a lot to her.  She hated to see family members fighting.  It hurt her so.  She didn’t like it with her brothers and sisters, and she definitely wouldn’t like it with her kids.

She even said if she could had afford it, she would had paid for my sister, Barb, who had cancer to seek recovery at Rochester.  She figured that she may had a better chance of survival.

My mother may be gone but her memory lives on.  Toward the end of her life, she was more concerned with her husbands and kids than her own life.

So it goes to show that mothers would do anything for their kids.  They would practically die for them.  My folks marriage may not been no bed of roses.  There love song was “Rose Garden”, by Lynn Anderson.  She had the unconditional love that all mothers have.

Yet there are mothers out there that probably shouldn’t have kids either.  Mothers who doesn’t seem to watch their kids.  Like the young child that was killed on University Drive in South Fargo in the pouring rain.  That mother was too busy playing on her phone to pay attention to her child.

Or how about mothers who let there daughters enter child beauty pageant.  They are setting up their daughters to become victims of child sexual abuse.  If a child is not 18, they should not be allowed to be in a pageant.

Or how about the reality show, Kate plus 8.  I think Kate was an unfit mother to be a part of that show.  She cared more the money than she did her own kids.  I mean child stars have a very hard time once they become an adult.

The only way they survive is, if they had a good mother with morals.

I don’t want to be so hard on those bad mothers out there, because this is there day to celebrate.  Thank God for mothers!  Without mothers, where would we all be?  I don’t care what kind of mother you may. My hat goes off to you.  I honor and respect you from the bottom of my heart.  I know that my own mother is up in heaven watching over me and all her children, grandchildren, great-grand-children, and even nieces and nephews.  She wouldn’t be happy to see any of her kids not getting along for whatever reason.

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