Absolute Power Corrupt Absolutely

First, I have to admire Sen. Heidi Heitkamp.  She votes with a conscious not the party line.  I may be a Republican and she is a Democrat; but she does the right thing.  Hopefully the corruptness in Washington doesn’t get to her, the way it gets to all the others.  The Democrats may not be happy with her right now; because of her vote for Gorshach for Supreme Judge.  Keep up the good work, Heidi.  Maybe that’s why Pres. Trump thought of her to be in his cabinet.

I wish Sen. Hoeven would do that, but we all know he doesn’t.  He votes the party line; just because his buddy, Mitch McConnell from Kansas, vote a certain way, Hoeven feels that he has to too.

Mitch McConnell is so old and out of touch, that he needs to step down.  He had been in Washington so long that he is just corrupted by the power.  Pres. Trump wants term limits for our Senators and Congressman; and McConnell doesn’t want it, because he is afraid of losing his power.  So Pres. Trump should call him out on it, and that way the people can see how he just needs to go away.

Senator Hoeven done nothing for this state, not even when he was Governor.  He inherited the surplus from Gov. Ed Shaffer.  Shaffer wasn’t even part of the Establishment and career politician that is corrupted.

Even Hoeven’s wife said at a luncheon, “Do you know who I am?”  It’s almost like she expected special treatment.  Ya, we know who you are, Mikey Hoeven and we do not care.  You’re no better than anyone else.  You don’t deserve special treatment.

It was utterly ridiculous when people like Sen. Al Carlson criticize Gov. Burgum for wearing jeans at the capital in a session.  How stupid was that.  He’s the governor and he is setting a standard in Bismarck.  Al Carlson is just neo-Nazi that also needs to go.  Burgum should put his foot down and put them in their place.  Remember, Carlson didn’t even wanted Burgum, because he wasn’t a part of the Establishment, like Carlson’s buddy, Wayne Stengheim.  Stengheim been in politics so long that he is just corrupted, just like Al Carlson.

Look at the Minnesota side, Congressman, Colin Peterson also been in Washington way to long.  He wants to runs again for another term.  The people should say to him, “Hell no!  You been in there way too long!”

Amy Krochabar is the kind of Democratic Senator that votes straight party line.  She should take notes from Heitkamp.  Instead, Amy would vote with Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren no matter what.

Al Franklin, who wasn’t a career politician, still is just a buffoon.  He is as fall left as Minnesota’s counterpart.

I hate to admit it, but Gov. Dayton is doing a better job than I thought he would.  He got the state out of the black.  The State of Minnesota was struggling under Tim Pawlenty’s leadership.

I love it when Trump let McCain have it.  Sen. McCain is another one, like McConnell that should just go away and retire.  They both are so old and out of touch with what the people wants.  They are corrupted with power.  McCain is just jealous that Trump pulled off what he couldn’t.  McCain is no war hero.  He is a whining baby just like McConnell, and both needs to go.

So Pres. Trump should push for term limits for our Congress and Senate; and if they don’t want it, let the people know so that they will be found out.

Just like Al Carlson should step down as State Senator.

I don’t understand why Trump wants to side in with Paul Ryan.  Ryan was so against Trump too.  Since Trump won big in Ryan’s home state, Trump should use that against Ryan and force him out of the House of Representative.

At least Kevin Kramer isn’t a part of the Establishment, anymore that Heitkamp is.  Remember, Trump was considering both of them for his cabinet.  He didn’t think of Hoeven, because he knew better.

I have to admit, I didn’t vote for Kramer and Heitkamp the first time they ran.  I was afraid that Kramer was just another career politician; but he proved me wrong.

I couldn’t vote for Heitkamp the first time either; but I didn’t vote for Rick Berg either.  I couldn’t vote for Berg, because I felt that power had corrupted him.  I have nothing against Berg personally.  I knew him before he made in big in politics.  He was a nice guy.  The corruptness just corrupted him.  He should just stayed in the House for another term, but he became greedy.  As so many of these career politician had became.

Absolute power corrupt absolutely.  We didn’t have income tax until 1913.  It was under Pres. Woodrow Wilson that income tax was added into the Constitution.  That made him one of the worse President, and gave more power to our already corrupt Government.

As long as Heitkamp doesn’t become corrupt, I will vote for her.  I’m also in favor of term limits.  It will take away the power from our Government.  As I said in previous blogs, we also must eliminate the IRS and income tax.

May Pres. Trump clean up Washington from all the corrupted career politicians and work hard to get term limits.  May he also eliminate the IRS and income tax.  May we get more people like Heitkamp, Kramer, Trump, Burgum, Shaffer.  May it’s time that people consider me as Senator over Hoeven.

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