Fad Diets doesn’t work

If you want to lose weight, fad diets doesn’t work.  Sure you will lose weight, but you will gain it all back.  Or you’ll start losing weight and then gain some of it back; and get bored with that diet plan within a month time.

I’ve tried my share of diets out there; so I know what I’m talking about.  Even Kirsty Alley who had lost weight through Jenny Craig.  Remember, she lost through the program and then when she was off the program, she gained it all back.  There was a big stink about it.

I’ve tried the grapefruit diet.  I would take a grapefruit pill, half an hour before each meal.  The pill was to curb my appetite; so I would eat less.  I even have tried Slim Fast, by eating their bars and drinking their shakes.

I found that the best diet out there is eating healthy. I started a year ago.  I have been losing weight.  Not as fast as I would like but I feel better.  If you lose the weight slowly, you are less likely to gain it all back.  If you eat good healthy food, you wouldn’t want to eat the stuff you normally had eaten before.

When I cook, I cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Even when the recipe calls for veg. oil or margarine; I would use olive oil instead.  When I do eat good healthy food, my stomach doesn’t feel blah and I would have to take Rolaids.  I would also try to eat more vegetables.  I would even steam my vegetables; rather than boil them.  I would even steam my potatoes.  Since I been on this healthy diet, my body had told me to cut back on coffee.  I don’t drink much coffee in first place, though.  I’m not talking about cappicino or flappe.  I find myself cutting back on fry food; which I love.  When I go to a buffet, I would eat less.  This past Christmas, I didn’t baked as much as I used to.  I even gave away more cookies.  Last week, I ate Spam and eggs for supper, and I couldn’t eat the Spam because it was too salty for me.  Now that’s something for me to cut back on.  Instead of drinking coffee, I would either drink green tea or juice.  The green tea is unsweeten too.  My next thing to cut back is the seasoning I use; and use more herbal seasoning.

I don’t drink diet pop, because the artificial sweetener in diet pop is worst for you.  The saccrarine can cause stroke/heart attack.  The doctor won’t tell you that though.  There are things that the doctors won’t tell you; because they want to keep you unhealthy.  That way you are spending money seeing them or on the medications they offered.  They want to pump you full for medicine that you may not even need.

For examples:  my mother was on a blood thinner that a doctor from Sanford prescribed her.  If she wasn’t on that medicine, she wouldn’t had the stroke she had because her blood became too thin.  Another example:  doctors would recommend a person to have chemotherapy when they have cancer.  That is the worse thing you can do to your body.

Kids are normally active and may get rambunctious.  Well teachers and school counselors wants to prescribe them with drugs thinking they have Attention deficit Disorder.  Really not all kids have that.  Kids will be kids.  They need to burn off some of their energy.

They wonder why kids and even us adults are overweight.  No one exercise.  They eat and sit in front of the computer or video games or tv and eat.

When I was a kid, living in West Fargo, we would ride our bikes around the neighborhood.  We would pretend we were motorcycle gang.

When the Michelle Obama talked about eating healthy.  We must exercise also.  Instead of going after these fast food restaurant, let get our kids away from the computers, video games and tv, and get them outside.

By the way, I even cut back on bread.  Oprah Winfrey said, “I love bread.”  Bread is the worst thing to eat to lose weight.  I’m learning I can’t eat too much at Subway now.

There is cure out there for diseases like cancer and diabetes but the government and Pharmecutical company doesn’t wants you to know about it.

Until then change your eating habits.  Start eating healthier.  Start slow like I’m doing and eventually you will cut out things that you normally love to eat.  I’m not saying I don’t cheat.  I’m just saying I’m slowly cutting out the junk and eating healthier.  I feel better.  I wish I was losing the weight faster, but that will come in time.

One thought on “Fad Diets doesn’t work

  1. Dr. Hager

    You are a doctor I presume, otherwise it would be illegal for you to dispense medical advice as you just have. Please contact me at the North Dakota Department of Health to verify your qualifications or pay your $10,000 fine for practicing medicine without a license.


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