Sears is an Albatross around Kmart’s neck

If Eddie Lambert was smart he would cut his losses with Sears.  Sears is bringing Kmart down with them.  It was a big mistake for Kmart to bail out Sears in the first place.  I wouldn’t done it.

Sears is a dinosaur.  Sears and JC Penny are the 2 oldest retail stores.  They both started around the early 1900, along with Montgomery Wards and Woolsworth.  Sears and JC Penny are still around.  The only reason Sears is still around is because of Kmart.

Don’t get me wrong, at one time Sears had good stuff.  My folks bought appliances from them and even Craftsman tools.  They just have been going downhill for awhile now.

The original owner of Kmart is rolling over in his grave at how Kmart is being run into the ground.  He took care of his employees.  Kmart was store where the common working man would shop.

Then again Sam Walton, the owner of Walmart took better care of his employees than his kids does.

It’s almost like greed sets in running a business.

Eddie Lambert is so rich that he doesn’t care Kmart close or not.  He just going to run the company until he can’t get anymore out of it and then shut down.  He don’t care about the employees.

If I owned Kmart, I would drop Sears like a “hot potato”.  I would look for ways save Kmart.  Kmart may not be able to compete against Walmart; but they can still survived without Sears bringing them down.  I would start selling American made stuff at Kmart.  I wouldn’t sell the same things as Walmart.

I will not buy clothes at Walmart.  I will either buy clothes at Kmart or JC Penny.  I don’t buy shoes at Kmart or Walmart though.

I will somehow make a incentive for the employees to work at Kmart.  By giving incentives, the employees will make Kmart a better place to shop.  They will care about the employees because they will care about the store.  Kmart do not need to be open on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.  The employees should be able to spend that time with their family.

As of last week, Sears closed their store at West Acre; and I say good riddance.  It doesn’t hurt my feelings any.

By closing Sears, Kmart can sell Craftsman tool themselves.

They say the reason why Sears closed at West Acre is because times are a changing.  These anchor stores are a thing of the past.  People don’t shop at the mall anymore.  They would rather shop on-line or at strip mall.  That is a crying shame!  Especially up in North Dakota where it can get very cold.

If you want to save Kmart, do us all a favor and drop Sears.  Don’t let Sears bring down Kmart.  Sears used to have the Sears tower in Chicago.  Not anymore!

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