What a Year 2016 was?

The year 2016 was a very interesting one.  For once in a long time the political race was very interesting.  The people had spoken loud and clear to our Government officials.  They were and are very upset with the direction that the Government had taken us.  They weren’t just not upset with the Democrats.  They were also upset with the Established Republicans as well.

Donald Trump drew the biggest crowd of all the candidates. He spoke what the people were saying.

The Established Republicans fought hard to get Jeb Bush nominated but the people told them fat out, “No!”  They had enough of the Bushes; especially after Pres. George W. Bush.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton would had preferred Bush over Trump.  She would had won the election.

Throughout the election, the non-establishment candidate was fairing very well and wiping out the Established Republicans candidates.  I’m what you call a Reagan Republican, and I was so excited to see this happen.  It needed to be done.  Let us hope that they learned their lesson this time.

The top 4 Republicans candidate wasn’t part of the Establishment.  Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were part of the tea party, and Trump and Ben Carson wasn’t a career politician.  This was what the people wanted.

The tea party was formed under Pres. George W. Bush and really took off under Pres. Obama.

Even the Democrats had their problems.  The race was between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  Even though Sanders was a Socialist, he still drew more people that Hillary.  Since the Democrats have the Super Delegates, it made hard for Sanders to get the nomination over Hillary.  This is why Trump ran as Republican, rather than a Democrat.  He is not your tradition Republican.

The last time a non-establishment Republican was elected President was with Ronald Reagan in 1980.  Somehow they still had some power and was able to regain the White House.  Hopefully Trump will really clean house in Washington.  It will make the established Republicans stop and take a look at their mistakes.  I hope this will also bring about the idea of term limits for our Congress and Senate.  According to Ben Carson, who said, “According to the Constitution, they are not to make a career out of being in office.  They are to serve their terms and go back home.”

Enough politics for now!  We also lost a lot of celebrities in 2016.  There are too many to name; so I will just mention a few.

They lost rocker, David Bowie, and the Artist known as Prince.  They lost Country music legend, Merle Haggard.  In Hollywood, we lost, Patty Duke, The all-time TV mothers, Florence Henderson, ZaZa Gabor, Carrie Fisher and about 2 days later, her mother, Debbie Reynalds.  They lost the TV dad from Growing Pains, Alan Thicke.  They lost another rocker, George Michael from Wham.  Days of our Lives lost the star who played Stefano, Joseph Masconnel.  There are others but too many to named and remembered.

On a good note, Actor, Kirk Douglas made it to a 100 years old.  That’s pretty good for someone who had came back from a stroke years later.

What will 2017 brings us?  Will President Trump does what he says he will do?  Will he clean house in Washington DC?  Will both the Republicans and Democrats take a good hard look at their party platform?

President Trump is on the way already of doing some great things.  His choice for his cabinet is pretty much non career politician.

One thought on “What a Year 2016 was?

  1. 2016 was a wild ride! I can’t believe Trump made it! Even looking back it is hard to believe. I was hoping that Hillary would have lost back in 2015. It came way to close to comfort that she might have won. I wasn’t a Trump supporter but its so refreshing to see someone who isn’t the standard lying politician we have become used to, but someone who has actually kept his campaign promises.


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