Make America Great Again

The reason why Trump won the election and became President is very simple.

The American people were very upset with Washington.  The people were up upset with the Established Republicans and the Democrats.  Pres. Obama promised change back in 2008 and we the people got none.  We just wonder where the change?

Donald Trump isn’t your traditional politician.  He doesn’t owe the Lobbyist anything.  He is a Nationalist.  He tell it like it is and he lets the Established Republicans, the Democrats, and the press have it full barrow.

The last time a non-establishment was elected President was in 1980, when Ronald Reagan was elected.  He was also the last Nationalist.

It was like in the ’90’s when Jesse Ventura was elected Governor of Minnesota.  No one expected him to win either.  The press was thinking that Humphry would win on his name alone; and he ended up taking third place.  Ventura beats Norm Coleman by 1 vote.

The American people are fed with our career politician, who in office way too long.  They wants term limits for our Congressman and Senators.  As Ben Carson said, “They are not to make a career in being in Washington, according to the Constitution.  They are to serve their terms and go back home.”  They had made a career in being in Washington and they had forgotten about the people.

I just hope that Trump keeps his words and that he is not just blowing hot air by saying what the people want to hear.  That was what Obama did in 2008.

I hope Trump do not give Romney the Secretary of State job.  That would be a mistake.  If anyone should gets it, it should be either Rudy or Newt.

I’m also glad that Trump won in Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin, because Ryan deserve that slam.  He may had voted for Trump but he fought against him the whole time like Romney did.  Because of that, I lost respect for Ryan.  I think Paul Ryan should step down as Speaker of the House or President Trump makes his life a living nightmare.

There is another reason why Hillary Clinton lost; but I will talk about it another time.


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