The Loss of Mrs. Brady

The world loss an Icon this pass weekend.  Florence Henderson recently passed away.  She was the ultimate tv mom.  She was 82 and will always be remembered as Mrs. Carol Brady, from the Brady Bunch series.

She will always be remembered.

Florence Henderson had 4 kids of her own and played a mother of 6 kids.  Yet to many, she was a mother to those who grew  up watching the Brady Bunch.

I was one of them who grew up on the Brady Bunch.  I even imagine my family to be like them.  But that’s a whole different story, that I will mention at a later date.

Florence Henderson will always be remembered as Mrs. Brady.  For those who doesn’t know this, she started out on the Today show.  She did many guest starring roles but she will always be remembered as playing the ultimate TV mom, Mrs. Carol Brady on the Brady Bunch.

The heaven is rejoicing right now!

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