Loyalty to a Fault

How many buy a certain product because your parents bought it? How many continue buying a certain product even though the formula has been changed? How many continue to be loyal to a certain company or stores no matter what?

Businesses like us to be loyal to continue to be loyal to them. Some even give loyalty rewards to loyal customers.

Even though they may be dead, I joked that their ghost is haunting the place they were loyal to when they were alive. I joked that my Aunt Dororthy is haunting Denny’s and that Wes’s ghost is haunting Randy’s because they were loyal customers.

I used to buy Ban roll-on deodorant out of loyalty until they changed the formula. Even though, my folks would buy Charmin toilet paper and Tide laundry soap; I don’t do it because they are too expensive.

As I mentioned in last week, part 1 blog, the older generation are more likely to be loyal than the younger generation. They are more apt to be loyal to their employer and stick with the same job, taking the abuse. Whereas, the younger generation can be rather fickle. They will jump at any opportunity as a means to get ahead.

You may wonder how anyone can get a job by being fickle and not being loyal? In the past that’s what employers like; but things have changed. It’s called getting the experience.

Years ago people were more apt to be loyal in their marriage. People were more likely to stay married a long time. My folks made 40 years together. People would stayed in an loveless marriage or an abusive marriage out of loyalty. They would take the abuse constantly. They takes their marriage vows very highly.

Today’s generation are not so likely to take their marriage vows lightly. This is probably one reason why lawyers can outtalk a preacher. Young people can easily fall in and out of love at a drop of a hat. No one stays together anymore. Which is good, if there’s no love or if there’s abuse. Like the song goes, what forever for?

As you will see, I’m not advocating total loyalty here. Sometimes, you have to be a rebel. Some people will call it being a rebel. I call it being smart and standing up for what you believe in. You don’t have to take the abuse in a marriage or on the job by your employer. There are plenty of fishes in the sea. Not like the old days, when a person didn’t have much of a choice, like they do now.

Variety is a spice of life! We have that right to make choices; even if it’s not being loyal to how we were raised.

When I first became a Republican under Reagan, I voted for the first George Bush not only because of loyalty; but because I was a young Republican and didn’t know any better. As I have gotten older, I became wiser. I had my eyes open to reality. Sometimes, it’s not good to be loyal.

Maybe this is also why people would church hop as well?

I was criticized when I couldn’t bring myself to vote for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004. I almost didn’t vote in 2004 because I didn’t much care for Bush or Kerry. People would say you should vote for Bush because he’s pro-life. He’s also was a Rhino Republican before that term became a household name.

I was also criticized for not voting for McCain and Romney. The excuse they used was how can you not vote for them since they are Republicans? The reason was because they were Rhino Republicans and didn’t represent me and my belief. They were career politicians who didn’t deserve my votes.

I don’t care for North Dakota Senator John Hoeven. When I vote, I usually write in my own name or last election I voted for Becker instead. He’s a Rhino Republican who vote what his buddy Mitch McConnell would vote and not what the people of North Dakota would want. He done nothing for North Dakota when he was governor and nothing as Senator. Plus after what his wife, Mikey said, “You know who I am!” I have no respect for him.

Much like when Rick Berg ran for Senator after only being in the House of Representative for one term, I couldn’t vote for him. It wasn’t personally. I knew him before he made it big. It was because the power had gone to his head as so with so many in Washington.

I can understand why my parents voted for the person and not the party. They voted independents. There are candidates who are just loyal to the party and couldn’t care less about what the American people wants. I don’t care if they are Democrats or Republicans. Maybe they needs to do away with both parties and let the American people vote on the individual instead.

Just as there is bad Republicans out there; there is also some good Democrats out there. There are Democrats I have talked to who doesn’t agree with the Progressive Left crazy ideas; just like their are Republicans who likes me that doesn’t agree with the Rhino Republicans.

Some of these good Democrats even though they may vote Democrat, they don’t totally agree with them; they just vote out of loyalty. Their eyes are open but they are just loyal to the party. It’s the same way with the Republicans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are Democrats who are loyal to the party but don’t have their eyes open to the reality of the truth. They don’t want to see the truth. It goes the same with the Republicans as well.

That’s why we need to looks at the facts and not vote out of loyalty to either party. Do they vote what the people want or the their party affiliation? Or don’t vote at all!!

I’m glad for Trump, because he opened our eyes to the going on in the swamp of Washington D.C. Because of Trump, there is some good candidates coming out. They just needs to disassociate themselves from the party much like some churches have disassociate themselves from the church denomination.

Call me a rebel if you want, I don’t care! Sometimes, it’s not so good to be loyal. Loyalty can be our biggest fault and our downfall. If you agree, press the like button. If you have any comment, I would very much appreciate it.