My Body-My Choice

No this isn’t about abortion; it’s about getting the vaccine or not. You would think it would be on abortion because this is used by women wanting to abort their unborn babies because they didn’t want it. Well during the beginning of the vaccine for the virus, those who didn’t want the poison in their system, they took this slogan as their own for not choosing to get the vaccine. To those mothers who used this as an excuse to have abortion, they chose their own lives over the unborn babies. Whereas, for those who used this for not getting the jab, it was for a better reason. It was a healthier choice by not shooting them up with the poison and becoming a guinea pig in the name of science.

Back in November, I recently went to a lecture at my church on healthy eating and lifestyle. The speaker was Bibby Cummings, a health educator and a certified health coach. She’s a strong supporter of healthy eating and natural remedies for healthy living.

The thing that surprised me the most when she came to speak at my church was the fact that there are people in the church who were so in favored of getting the vaccine; even though some of them also are into eating healthier, organic, and more vegetables and less meat.

Then again, maybe the virus scared them so much that they just settled on getting the vaccine out of fear of the virus.

They taught on making good healthy choices by eating healthy food, maintaining regular exercise, and managing the stresses in our lives. They taught on such healthy behaviors as being physically active, eating a healthy diet/nonchemical foods, avoiding the harmful use of alcohol and not smoking. They also was against getting the vaccine.

She was from Africa. There are those from other countries who doesn’t used chemicals in their food. Some countries wouldn’t buy the food we grow here because of the chemical induce we put into our food supplies. They have a better healthier lifestyle than we do here in the United States. They’re healthier and tends to live longer because of not injecting the poison into their body that we tend to do more and more lately.

Around 7 years ago, when I turned 50, I made myself a goal to change my diet and start living a healthier lifestyle. I’m not saying I don’t cheat; but I have been doing a so-so job at it. I had lost 50 pounds within the 7 years of doing this thus far. I made that goal because of having an Uncle, my mother’s brother who lived to be 82, and an Aunt on my real father’s side who lived to be in her 90’s. I came to this realization that I do not have to die young like my mother and grandmother. I just had to change my eating habits to lose weight the healthy way. I had to choose not to put unnecessary poisons into my body.

Believe me, I’ve tried these fad diets out there; but they’re only a temporary solution to the problem. I even had someone complained about it and warned that I better be a doctor. That person was fired by Governor Burgum and I’m still doing my blog and focusing on eating healthier.

Our body is a temple. It’s up to us how we are going to take care of ourselves. Are we going to eat healthier or keep feeding ourselves poisons. As the saying goes: garbage in-garbage out. We are what we eat!

I held out as long as I could in getting the vaccine because I didn’t want the poison in my body. Believe me, if it wasn’t for my job, I wouldn’t gotten the vaccine. I recently talked to someone who is also against the vaccine and they agreed that some jobs force people to get the vaccine or be fired. I’m taking this quote and changing it around a little, “Our body belongs to ourselves alone. It does not belong to the United States of America or any other government on the face of the earth.” It does not belong to our employer, even if you works for the healthcare system. Believe me, they will stoop to blackmail a person to get the jab.

Those who may lived and believe in a healthier lifestyle, have gotten the vaccine because of fear of getting the virus. Fear engages in an ongoing assault on our heart and mind. If left unchecked, fear can whip up our imagination into an anxious frenzy.

I kind of wondered if Jenny McCarthy had gotten the vaccine because of the fear of the virus. She was against vaccinated her child for childhood diseases because she felt that it gave her child autism.

Some people were bullied into getting the vaccine as well.

We were/are guinea pig to the vaccine. We’ll never know the whole truth about it because the government and medical profession won’t tell us. I was somewhat healthy since I started my healthier lifestyle when I was force to get the vaccine; when I had a health scare, of being overheated and dizzy. I had an EKG done on my heart and it was normal. The doctor will never admit that it was because of the vaccine.

I know someone who after getting the booster for the vaccine, his immune system was down. When his kids came home sick, he would get easily sick as well; whereas before the vaccine he didn’t. Then a person wondered why a person have to take supplement daily now just to boost their immune system.

To some, weird things happens to their body because of the vaccine.

There is so much unexplainable happening to our body because of the vaccine. It’s done for a reason; that way it cannot be link back to the vaccine.

The government and/or your jobs does not have the right to tell you to put into your body. I don’t care if you work in the healthcare industry or not. It’s my body-my choice! I love the song by Blind Joe, “I will not comply!” You can take the jab and shove it!

We can have a better chance at a healthier lifestyle and living longer if we just stop putting all these poisons into our body. Our ancestors lived longer because they didn’t have all these poisons we got now. And they did it with hard work as well. They did it the natural healthy way. Our healthcare will also be a lot cheaper as well if we just change our diet and eat healthier and chemical-free. The hospital wouldn’t be so full of sick people if they only ate healthier and chemical-free. It’s a money-making deal to keep us all sick.

We are definitely not a healthy country. The celebrity blames the climate; but yet they rush right in to get the vaccine; which is poison.

No wonder some countries don’t want the food we grow; because of all the chemicals we put into it.

What do you choose? Getting the poisons or a healthier lifestyle? Do you choose to live in fear? The best diet is doing the healthier lifestyle.