2 Seasons

I know what you are saying, there are 4 seasons in a year, not 2. When you read this, you will see what I’m talking about.

For those living in North Dakota and Minnesota, it seems that we have 2 seasons and they are winter and road destruction; and no one likes both of them. They are a pain and seems to be very, very long.

Road construction or what some may it call it: road destruction tries to stretch out their construction to the point of winter. They are pushing their luck and hoping that winter wouldn’t hit with the dreaded “S” word. I’m talking about snow.

Let’s start with dreaded winter! Winter starts around December 21 and suppose to end March 21. Here in North Dakota and Minnesota, winter can actually starts around November and last until April. It’s a season that doesn’t want to go away. Not only does winter brings snow, it also brings ice and cold as well.

They say that Chicago is the windiest city; but in reality North Dakota is the windiest state. The only reason Chicago got that title is because of the hot air of the corrupt politicians.

When you’re young, you enjoyed winter and playing outside in the snow and ice. Who didn’t enjoyed sledding, skiing, ice skating and other winter sport, like snowmobiling? I remembered doing a lot of sledding down the snow hill when I was a child and it was fun. I remembered my one brother building a snow fort for us. I remembered another brother taking me for a snowmobile ride. I remembered going ice fishing with dad. I even remembered playing broomball in my 20’s with co-workers.

As you get older, we find that we don’t bounce back like we used to; instead we take much longer to recover. We hate walking on icy roads and sidewalks. We just want to hibernate until winter goes away. Those who can afford to will go South for the winter. They are called, “Snowbirds.”

Who like shoveling or blowing snow? It gets old after a while.

For Christmas, there are people who dreamed of a White Christmas; because it’s a tradition up here. As you get older, we would take a white Christmas and then wish the snow away afterward. That’s never happen though.

Usually around January and February, people start getting cabin fever or the winter blues. The reason why they get it is because by then we are so sick and tired of winter. We want it to go away. When Groundhog Day comes around, some people may look forward to it, because they think that winter will soon be over. Once again, up in North Dakota and Minnesota, that is not the case. Winter can still linger into April and early part of May. And it’s supposed to be Spring.

I remembered one time going to Kansas City in April. It was snowing here in Fargo, ND; and by the time we got into the other side of South Dakota, there was no snow. When we got to Kansas City, they actually had Spring, with leaves on the trees and flowers blooming; compared to North Dakota.

The start of Spring is March 21; which is also my mother’s birthday. Once again, it doesn’t happened in North Dakota and Minnesota. You expect Spring to be here for Easter, as you wear your new clothes and shoes for Easter. Yet, we still have winter up here; so you still have to wear your winter clothes and boots, just so you don’t fall on the ice and break some bones.

April showers bring May flowers. Spring bring about a renewal or rebirth.

It seems that before winter is over, the road construction crew is hard at work with road detours everywhere you go; which no one enjoy. We can’t seems to enjoy the beauty of the Spring season because of the road destruction.

The first day of summer is June 21. Even though summer can begin a little earlier as the weather starts getting warmer. People are so excited for summer nice hot weather after being coop up all winter long; and I mean long. People rush to the lakes on the weekends. They got their summer clothes on and their summer bodies as well. During the whole summer season, we also have road construction or destruction, however you want to word it.

Summer seems to go fast; while winter drag on forever.

The first day of Fall is September 22. Fall is another beautiful season to go for either a walk or a drive in the countryside. A chance to see the leaves on the trees changing colors. It’s so beautiful!

You would think that road construction would be over for another season; but no, it isn’t. These road crews seem to drag it out and push the envelope. Instead of starting to finish up their roadwork projects, they would add more to drag it out. This past season, there was a major road destruction on the road going by my apartment complex. It’s started last year up by the TV station; so it was a 2 year project so far. Who knows what they will do next year?

When I’m off work, I would noticed that there is really nobody really working. Either they are standing around or not there at all. It reminds me of the road destruction on 19th Ave. North by the Fargo Dome. That project took too long and that crew was fined because of it. I think the crew that this road project should also be fine as well.

There are some projects that takes awhile, I understand. There was major road construction in Moorhead, where the train would hold up traffic more than 2 ways. They had some major problems with that. I mean, Minnesota had financial problems, lots of delays, even the Pandemic interfered. So that one had excuses; but there are some road construction that has no excuses.

I actually think, if the road construction crew could, they would go all year long. Thank God they can’t though! Mother Nature has other things in mind with winter. I have seen snow in October, even on Halloween. If the road construction crew would go into winter, they could find themselves in a major lawsuit. I mean, dealing with road construction and snowbanks at the same time.

I know that in Washington State, and Seattle in particular, the road construction can last all year long because they don’t get the snow we get. The Atlantic Ocean is warmer than the Pacific Ocean.

As bad as our winter may get, it’s still better than dealing with earthquakes on the West Coast or hurricanes on the East Coast, especially in Florida and New Orleans. You can dress warm or just stay indoors. Yet, I have seen people still wearing shorts and no jackets, boots, caps, and gloves. they must think it’s summer or something.

The West Coast also has to deal with volcanos as well.

Earthquakes and hurricanes can do major damage compared to blizzard.

One thing about our winter in North Dakota, it can keeps the riff raff away. They are not built for the cold winter we get. I’ll never forget hearing that when we are finally having 40 degrees in the winter, the weather is nice; but to those living in Florida, it’s too cold for them.

I may not like winter like I used to; but at least we don’t have to deal with hurricanes and earthquakes. Road destruction is as much as a pain as winter. The 2 seasons we have up here. I wish Spring would last longer and even Fall. It seems that Mother Nature has other plans though.