You got to Stand for Something!

The war over in the Ukraine since Russia attack back in February is still going strong. The reason was as President Zelensky of Ukraine said, “The Ukrainian will never becomes slaves to Russia and Putin. You have to keep fighting for your freedom; otherwise you will lose it.”

I have to admire him for that; because he is showing himself as a true strong leader. The thing is: he wasn’t a career politician. He was a comedian and an actor. He’s shown strength as a leader; something that is truly lack in Biden.

Putin isn’t very happy that his takeover of Ukraine isn’t going as plan. Putin is like a spoiled brat who isn’t getting his way. That is very scary because he is even more dangerous now.

Before Russia attacked Ukraine, the Canadian truck drivers were protesting all the mandates set up by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Mandates such as: wearing of the masks and getting the vaccine(poison).

Now Justin Trudeau is cry baby wimp. He was hiding away out of fear. He even called them domestic terrorist. He was doing all he could to stop them from standing up for what they believed in. He would do whatever he could from freezing their bank account to ciphering their gas. It was wintertime, and they needed the gas to stay warm.

In my book, Justin Trudeau is no better than Putin. They both are evil dictator and should be taken down. I have no respect for him what-so-ever.

Even our worse president, Joe Biden is weak link who I have no respect for. He called those who stormed the Capital as being domestic terrorist. Anyone who would disagree with him are terrorist.

I got news for Biden, we are not terrorist. I love this country will stand and defend it against those who are out there to destroy the United States. I will continue speaking out against people like them. This is a free country and we have the right to stand up for our freedom.

Our forefathers fought and died so that we may be freed. We are not going to let their death be in vain. We are not going to let those on the Left take away our freedom.

Millions of men and women gave their lives so that generations to come could live as citizens of a public, united around principles founded in our Constitution. This is the purpose of the regular election of government officials, for your vote is their performance review. Voting is our responsibility to provide feedback to the elected officials. Therefore, elect men and women of principle who, as statesmen, will risk their House or Senate because they choose to care more for themselves than the American people they represent. Remember those in government worked for us; not us working for them, like they think. So it’s our Civic duty to vote!

Sometimes it can be a very difficult to go to the pull to vote. Sometimes there is no decent person to vote for. After voting, you have to take a shower afterward because you feel so dirty.

It’s even hard to trust if your votes matter; especially when you see cheating done by those in office or by Big Tech who wants to control the election results. Like what happened in the election of 2020.

Then there are people who continue electing the same person to office.

We need people in office who share our values and the values of this country. They need to share our principles as well. If they don’t, just don’t vote for them.

We haven’t had a real decent candidate running that we can feel comfortable with for a long time; at least since 2000. George W. Bush over Al Gore or John Kerry were both bad. John McCain and Mitt Romney were Rhinos Republicans. In 2016, people didn’t like Trump or Hillary Clinton; and then in 2020, people didn’t much care for Biden or Trump.

This midterm election, it’s time to throw the bums out and elect someone who share our values and principles. It’s time we show them who is the boss. It’s time to let them know that they work for us; and that they are doing a very poor job at it.

No matter what Biden may say, we are not domestic terrorist; just because we choose to speak out against their tyranny. We have the rights to stand up for our freedom.

If we don’t stand up for something, we will fall for anything. If we don’t stand up to those who want to take away our freedom; we will become like slaves in our own country. Don’t let them tell you that we have no right; because that’s a lie. Show them who’s boss!!

The President of Ukraine has my utmost respect; while Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden don’t. What about you? Who do you respect? Are you willing to stand up for what you believe in?