Betty White: the Last of the Golden Girls

Just short of Betty White’s 100th birthday, she passed away of an apparent heart attack due to a stroke she had earlier. She had such a zest for life. She was the kind of person, you want to see make it to 100.

She had a long career in Hollywood. Everybody loved her because of her zest. She worked on the Mary Tyler Moore show in the early ’70’s. She worked on the Carol Burnette Show. She even worked on Mama’s Family with Vickie Lawrence. She worked with Rue McClanahan on Mama’s family and once again on the Golden Girls.

Even though Betty White played Rose, she originally tried out for the roll of Blanche. Can you imagine Betty as Blanche instead of Rose? Believe me, I couldn’t because the character of Rose suited her and her bubbly character.

How can anyone not get along with Betty White? Well, Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy didn’t have a good relationship with Betty off-screen.

Betty White was 63 when she did the Golden Girls; but she pulled off very well playing the youngest character.

She outlived her Golden Girls co-stars. Later on in life she went and starred in Hot In Cleveland. She was also the oldest ever to host Saturday Night Live. She was 88 years old. She even worked with Ryan Reynalds and Sandra Bullock in the movie, “The Proposal.” She also did a Snicker’s ads.

Betty White was married 3 times; and her last husband was Allen Ludden, a game show host, she met. He was the love of her life. Third time was a charm for her. After he passed away, she never remarried. Even though, she had a crush on Robert Redford.

She had no kids of her own. She was a step-mother to Allen Ludden’s kids.

The reason she didn’t had any kids was because she felt that she couldn’t manage her career and raise her own kids. That’s take guts in Hollywood to admit that!

Her kids were her animals. She loved animals of all kinds. She had plenty of dogs. Believe me, I can understand that because pets are like kids; they are a part of the family. To be honest, I rather deal with animals than some people.

As I mentioned earlier, since Betty White had such a zest for life, a person would want to see her make it to a 100. Much the same way when George Burns made it to a 100 and died shortly. He made a goal to continue performing up to then. He even planned on performing once he turned 100 in Las Vegas. He wasn’t the only one who made it to 100; so did Bob Hope. Kirk Douglas made it to 103; even after having a stroke at 80.

It goes to show, if a person has a goal and zest for life, they can achieve almost anything. I made a goal when I turned 50 that I was going to change my diet and start eating healthier and lose weight. Knowing that I had an Uncle who lived to be 82 and an Aunt lived to be in her 90’s. So I was rooting for Betty White to make it to 100. She came very close too; just few days short of her birthday.

I believed she could had made it if it wasn’t for the poison, the vaccine she had gotten because of the Virus. I also believed that Bob Saget also died because of the vaccine as well. You can’t tell me their death wasn’t because of the vaccine. When they found Bob Saget dead in his hotel room of an apparent heart attack, he had hit his head before he died of a heart attack.

After I was forced to get the vaccine and just before my second dose, I had a health scare myself. I was at work when I was feeling dizzy, nausea, and overheated. When I went in for a follow-up, the doctor couldn’t find any reason for that. They did an EKG on my heart and found it to be normal. Since I was healthy because of changing my diet.

A similar thing happened to me as what happened to Bob Saget, I got up from my chair at home and fell over backward for no apparent reason.

So you see the vaccine is poison. It may had killed Betty White and Bob Saget. I’m living proof.

If you are reading this blog and you are a big fan of Betty White and loves animals. I recommend you adopt a pet; either a dog or a cat to save them from being killed in these animal shelters. Do it for the memory of Betty White. Do it if you can; otherwise give to these animal shelters to save a dog or cat. Betty White would be happy if you did. That is one thing you can do for Betty White; since she was killed by Dr. Fauci and those pushing the vaccine(poison) on her.

We love and miss you Betty!! Too bad you couldn’t make it to 100!