Guns don’t Kill-People kills

I don’t know how many remembered the great old Western movie, “Shane?” The lead character in the movie said, “Guns don’t kill-people kills.” Now that was a very good movie, not just a Western; back when they made good movies in Hollywood. I just hope that Hollywood doesn’t get a stupid idea to remake that movie. They will only destroy it like they destroy all the other good movies when they remake them.

I’ve been wanting to do a blog on gun control ever since I started creating my blogs. I was just waiting for the right opportunity and time to do it.

To let you know, right off, I’m against guns control; thus the title.

As you know most recently, there was an incident in Hollywood involving a movie that Alec Baldwin was involved in. I feel sorry for Halyna Hutchins and her family she left behind a husband and a young son. She was killed by a prop gun shot by Alec Baldwin. He was told the gun was safe and a cold gun.

I have to admit, it’s karma for Alec Baldwin. He’s getting his karma for all that he deserved. It’s too many things to name of all the bad things about Alec Baldwin; and this blog isn’t about him. Besides, you can find out everything you need to know about how Liberal Alec Baldwin is. I will say this, how he yelled and called his daughter with Kim Bassinger derogatory names on the phone. That was inappropriate! So Alec is actually getting his just dessert; so I don’t feel a bit sorry for him.

In the Bill of Rights, we have the right to bear arms, the right to protect ourselves. Yet there are people on the Left who wants to take away that rights. They want to take away our freedom more and more. They’re not the only ones though; so does the Rhino’s Republican.

Doesn’t they realize that it isn’t guns that kills; it’s people?

If a person really want to kill someone, There are ways to do it. You can kill a person with your bare hands, a knife, a car, poisons, etc.

Look at what happened during the Roaring 1920’s when there was Prohibition of alcohol. We have bootlegging and mafia selling alcohol illegally. People like Al Capone and Babyface Nelson.

Don’t they realize that if they create guns control, they will have the same situation all over again?

All last year, the Democrats were saying that we must defund the police. Well, if they defund the police and take away guns from the good honest American citizen; how can we protect ourselves? With no police and no guns!!

I’m not a hunter and I don’t own a gun; but I’m against guns control.

There are people who likes to hunt for the sports and some even eat what they killed. Do you really want to take away that thrill from them? It’s our God-given rights to bear arms!

If you take away the guns from good American citizen, only the criminals will have guns. Then they can do whatever they want and face no consequences for their actions. There will be no accountability. If they also defund the police, it will be even worse. It will be like the Wild Wild West of the 1800’s. It will be a free-for-all. There will be a lot more innocent victims being shot and killed by criminals that shouldn’t be having guns or even out of jail.

Guns will be smuggled into this country much like illegal drugs are. And with our open borders, no thanks to Biden, it will be very easy to do so.

Take a look at these major cities, such as Chicago, New York, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon. Violence is up and so is shooting deaths of young victims. It’s not the cops or the good citizen; but the actual criminals responsible for all the shootings there. Yet, the Democrats who are in control in those cities just don’t care. They are not doing a damn thing about it. They just want to take away guns from the good citizens and put them in the hands of criminals.

I do admit that there are people who shouldn’t have guns. Not because they are criminals; but because of their mental illness. Why should everyone be punish because of them?

If you asked me, I think the reasons some of those in Washington are pushing for gun control; is because they are afraid there will be an uprising much like the Capital riot in January. The American people will get so upset not only with Biden but them as well. There will be a Civil War; much worse than we had in 1860’s The good honest American citizens will storm the Capital to take back America by force if necessary. And those in Washington may lose their lives because of it.

It will be much like what goes on in these Third World Countries, when the people finally had enough and stormed their Capitals to overthrow their government. It could happens here, if they are not careful in Washington. It won’t be Trump’s fault either! It will be all theirs.

As Dirty Harry would say, “Go ahead and make my day!”

To those who in Washington who wants to take away our guns, Take away our guns over our dead bodies!

So don’t give us reason; you’ll might regret it!