Bad Reputation

Is there a restaurant that you frequent the most when going out to eat? Is there a store that you do your most shopping at?

What do you do when you hear something disgusting about your favorite restaurant? Do you continue going there to eat, or do you stop going?

Before the Pandemic, pigeons were discovered in cages in the basement of the King House Buffet on Broadway in Fargo, ND.

Now I used to go to King House quite often; but when I heard that, it just turned my stomach and I stopped going there to eat. I know that I wasn’t alone either. That really hurt their business and was never able to recover, because shortly after the Pandemic hit.

Someone tried to get people to come back to King House but bad reputation just turned people away very quickly doing plenty of harm to their business.

Pigeons has this social perception as being dirty and disease -ridden; even though they are actually very clean animals, and is very little evidence to suggest that they are significant transmitter of disease.

Because of their reputation as being dirty, people were concerned about if they were feeding the people pigeons.

Another incident that happened was at McDonalds in North Fargo near the Fargo Dome, mice turds or a mouse was discovered in the fryer there. People stop going there to eat because they were disgusted. Was it a bad joke or did it really happened?

I remembered years ago at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Detroit Lakes, they too had trouble with mice being found in their kitchen.

We all know that mice are not the cleanest animals; so it’s enough to gross anyone out and turn people away.

Sorry, if I’m grossing you out; so let me get to the point here.

This title comes from a country song in the ’80’s by Ronnie McDowell. In that song, it was about how wanting to be with just one woman was hurting the guy bad reputation of being a womanizer. He no longer check into a hotel under an alias because he was ready to settle down with one woman. So a person can ruin their bad reputation just like a ruining a good reputation .

At one time Subway and Domino’s were very popular. Now they seems to have a bad reputation and is dire needs of good public relation person.

Since Megan Rapinoe was the latest spoke person for Subway in their TV ads, there had been controversy because of her stand at the Tokyo Olympics, Subway was pressured to give her the boot from their ads to save face.

Some businesses are known to have poor customers services by their reputation. I don’t think I have to mention them because you should know them. Just like some have a bad reputation of always looking for help for some reasons.

Even a person can have a bad reputation that’s so bad that they needs a good PR person to make them look good. A company would hire a consultant to help them improve their reputation. Just like a person running for political office, they would hire a good PR person to improve their reputation.

Even some neighborhood may have a bad reputation. Or some cities are known by their reputation as well. Chicago was known as the windiest city, not because of the wind but because of the “hot air” of politicians. They also have a reputation as being a very violent city. So does New York City has a bad reputation for being a city where people are rude; whereas it’s very violence as well.

What is your reputation? Do you have a good reputation or a bad reputation?

Cable One and the old Kmart had been known to have poor customer service. Uber also been know to have a bad reputation as not being very trustworthy. You never know what kinds of drivers you may get. Will they rob, kill or sexually assault you?

Some churches can have a bad reputation as well. When churches have a bad reputation, it will keeps people from wanting to attend. It can take the right pastor to change churches reputation around to attract people to check them.

I will talk more about bad neighborhood in part 2. I also will be talking about Slum Lords as well. So stay tune for part 2 next week!